kencl 14:11 09 Nov 2009

Last year I bought a PC with an Asus pc case, and all seemed well until Saturday when the pc writer draw refused to open.
However I did notice that while I was copying music onto my pc the screen would go black every few mins and seemed to lock up, and that would need me to stop the machine and restart it as it would not operate by itself.
Has anyone any ideas about this type of thing

  howard64 14:54 09 Nov 2009

it could be a problem with the power supply. The 2 events could be coincidence and not connected. Open the case and check for hair and fluff and that all fans are rotating - the lock up could indicate an overheating fault.

  kencl 19:40 09 Nov 2009

The CD Draw appears to be working now.

However after inserting a writable cd in, it works for a short while and then the screen goes blank and can not be reset. The only way to switch the machine off and resetting is at the button.

  citadel 19:50 09 Nov 2009

could be the dvd/cd drive, these can go wrong, easy to get a new one and easy to change it.

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