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  Ze3 16:28 26 Feb 2008

Hi everyone,

Im new to this forum but have come across a problem with my Asus Laptop in the last two days and desperately need some help.

The laptop has been running fine for a long time, however yesterday as i moved the laptop to sit on the bed it turned itself off. I thought either it was on standby or i had pressed something by accident. So i pressed the on/off button to see the computer loading up as if it had been shutdown. I didnt think much of this but after the laptop loaded up 5 minutes later it decided to shut itself off again.

I then disconnected the power supply and tryed again. after about 10 minutes this happened again. I left it over night and through today just in case it had overheated or something.

I came home today and tried again and the same problem happened after about 5 minutes. I tyed with both plugged into the mains and also not plugged in. I was then recommended by a friend to try loading in safe mode which i did. After about 3 minutes in safe mode the cursor flew about and then the laptop cut off. I then re-tryed getting abck to this point however the laptop shut off before i got to there.

Obviously i have no clue what has happened, what to do or anythign soa ny suggestions will bu much appreciated

thanks M

  johndrew 16:35 26 Feb 2008

`.. as i moved the laptop to sit on the bed ..`

Did you have the bottom of the laptop on the bed? If so you may well have blocked the cooling fan and caused overheating.

When it cut out after was there any chance the cooling fan was blocked?

  Totally-braindead 16:38 26 Feb 2008

Is it still on the bed or somewhere that would block the cooling as I think it could be overheating as johndrew has suggested.

If it is try it on a table.

  Ze3 16:46 26 Feb 2008

where it was the fans would not have been blocked and is was in the same position it has usually sat for last 3 months lol

and it happened literally as i lifted it up to move onto the bed.

and no i have also tryed it on a table as that was also my first thought

  Ze3 17:59 26 Feb 2008

any other ideas?

  Ze3 18:27 26 Feb 2008

have no tried leaving the laptop off for a bit and just trying with both plugged in and off battery, still no response from it

  Totally-braindead 18:33 26 Feb 2008

If it doesn't fire up at all even on the battery its something serious and I don't really have any suggestions I'm afraid.

It does nothing at all is that right, doesn't even come up with the BIOS screen?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 26 Feb 2008

Try on mains with battery removed

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