asus ipanel error codes

  dawnyworld 14:08 21 Jan 2003
  dawnyworld 14:08 21 Jan 2003

does anybody know what the codes mean on the asus
as i keep geting f5 error code on the display
when i checked the manual it just says it's reseved.
have been to asus site but thats no help have also used their contact form but asusual it wont work .
thanks dw

  dawnyworld 16:01 21 Jan 2003


  dawnyworld 21:11 21 Jan 2003

help please

The thing is and as you have discovered, the F5 is reserved and has no mention in the manual. As such, only Asus know what happens when F5 appears.

What stage is the PC at during boot? Can you work out the code immediately before and after F5?

Sorry, but thats about it and as I have discovered, the Ipanel is far more problems than it is worth - Does it still "Stutter" when updating during music/video playback?

  Paul2003 21:49 21 Jan 2003

"the Ipanel is far more problems than it is worth"

I would tend to agree but it looks pretty ;-)

The stuttering on my I pannel has been sorted out by turning off Auto update.

dawnyworld - Does the PC boot up? All I can suggest is to Email Asus support and ask them what it means - I got a reply from them the last time I mailed them so you never know until you ask.

  dawnyworld 01:40 22 Jan 2003

no trouble with ipanel since bios update pc runs fine but when it shuts down it locks up occasionaly and displays F5 . as to it looking pretty sticks out like a sore thumb in my coolermaster case , but the temp monitor is useful. will post back if any replys.

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