Asus eee pc display problem

  Keviv 21:56 14 Mar 2011

Hi, Ive had a asus eee pc 1005PE for the past few months and it's worked perfectly until today when I dropped it 1m onto a wooden floor.

Now when I turn it on, then screen works briefly before half of it either goes black or shows vertical lines. The actual display is undamaged since it shows my desktop in full colour before it screws up, so it seems that the LCD cable which connects the display to the motherboard has become loose or damaged.

I've managed to open the netbook and access the motherboard but am hesitant to remove the motherboard since I've never attemped to troubleshoot somehing like this before.

Could anyone who has experience with this or similar issues please advise where the connections for the LCD cable most likely are on the motherboard. Any alternate suggestions are welcome - pictures and video would help too

thanks for your assistance

- Keviv

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:31 14 Mar 2011
  robin_x 22:38 14 Mar 2011

Really you should have a Service Maintenance Manual guide .pdf

Difficult to find.

I also had a quick Google "how to disassemble asus 1005PE"

This was about the most useful, but further searching in the forums may be the way to go.

The link is for some sort of mod. But may help.

click here

I replaced my Compaq CQ61-320SA screen and the Maintenance pdf was useful.

But this guide for the HP G50 (a similar model) also helped.
click here

My vid cable went from back of screen to left hand hinge then immediately to nearest part of mother board.

I suspect that is not your problem though. You may be lucky.
Try an external monitor.
Try a Linux Live CD Distro.

These will indicate if you have damaged motherboard/graphics.


Good luck.

  Keviv 15:55 15 Mar 2011

Okay, i've tried it with an external monitor and the external display is fine.

I've also removed the LCD cable from both ends and re-inserted it to the motherboard and LCD - I still get the same result when i power on the machine where the diplay is fine for 10-30 seconds and then i lose half the screen to vertical lines or a black space.

Is is possible that im looking at a motherboard problem?


  woodchip 15:59 15 Mar 2011

It sounds like a Loose Display Cable from inverter to Tube or motherboard to inverter

  woodchip 16:00 15 Mar 2011

It sounds like a Loose Display Cable from inverter to Tube or motherboard to inverter.

ps its not graphics as it would affect any display connected to it

  Keviv 11:59 18 Mar 2011

Thanks the problem has been fixed. Im not sure exactly what the problem was but I removed the display cable and replaced it, checked all the connections to the motherboard were okay and the screen works fine now

appreciate the help

- Keviv

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