Asus Eee PC, Any Good for college?

  bengreenslade 18:11 31 Jul 2008

I am considering getting an Asus Eee PC for use in college when taking notes etc. Does anyone think it is a good idea? Can someone please give me their experiences and opinions on this device please.
Also by default I have seen the main Eee PC's have Linux on them, that is ok because I am used to Linux, but the only problem is how do I install applications on it such as audacity or GIMP etc, from what I have seen the linux OS doesnt have like a install manager like what you get on ubuntu.

What I would also like to know is, which version is better the one with the Linux OS or the one with XP. I personally do not know what performs better or what is best when it comes to storing college work on it and having it seperate from my main laptop.
I would appreciate all comments on the issue, and advice on whether or not the purchase of one of these computers will be worth while and not just a waste of money


  Peripheral SQL 20:54 31 Jul 2008

yes it's a great idea
visit click here and ask your questions
it's an invaluable resource for the eee

am biased towards the xandros Linux on the eee (full desktop)
but equally many xp users too

gimp: click here
audacity: click here

learning Linux is dead useful
open office is provided and is ms compatible
aMSN provides messenger in Linux with webcam
and skype and pidgin are already there
WINE will run many windows only programs too

at £180 for the 4gb 701
it's a bargain
for me it's the portability
that makes it a no brainer

  AcerTech 21:01 31 Jul 2008

Hello there!

Excuse me for being a little biased :)

the Asus Eee-PC is indeed a good little machine.

But may I present you with our mini laptop?

The Acer Aspire One, comes in 4 different colors, and the choice of either Linux or Windows XP.

It has a lot of functions you will not find on the Asus, and a lot more features too.

I wont say its better or worse, because that is opinion, all i want to do is make you aware of a possible (and sometimes cheaper) alternative :)

click here

  User-1229748 21:20 31 Jul 2008
  LastChip 22:00 31 Jul 2008


The Eee's just a great little machine and very portable.

You can indeed download other packages, but see Cons!

It will connect to any open wireless network. Open Office will take care of any requirements in terms of note taking, spread sheets and so on and you can surf the web, send and receive e-mail along with various other functions.


It's hard drive (solid state memory) has a limited capacity, so downloading the Gimp for example, will take a chunk of that. You can however, expand that capacity via an SD card.

Because of this limitation, I would suggest you stick with the Linux version (not XP) as it is more compact and much faster and of course, you don't need anti-virus software anti-malware software and all of the rest of the protection that XP needs.

In short, it is an excellent machine for all day to day functions, but don't expect to use it as a power user would.

click here for a guide on installing extra packages. And incidentally, you can now change the operating system if you wish to another Linux alternative, such as Mandriva or Ubuntu.

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