Asus Eee PC 901 removing partition

  Newuser3477 23:18 10 Jun 2009

I have an Asus Eee PC with 2 drives
A drive has 3.72GB capacity (187 MB remaining),B drive has 7.5 GB capacity (7.04 GB remaining)
A drive has quickly filled up and I am getting repeated messages about insufficient capacity to do minor tasks. Apart from loading up HP software to achieve a wireless connection with my printer, I can't transfer anything to B drive.
Can I remove this partition easily, how do I put all data from A onto B drives before removing partition?
Please help

  tullie 01:33 11 Jun 2009

Do you mean you have one drive with two partitions?Either way im surprised you can even fit the operating system on it.

  Newuser3477 08:30 11 Jun 2009

I don't know if it has one drive split into partitions as described or 2 drives. The data I quoted was from My Computer screen when I hovered the cursor over drive letters. The operating system in these mini laptops is a cut down XP I believe

  scotty 09:57 11 Jun 2009

If you have important files on the Eee, I suggest you think about backing them up to an external device before you do anything else. A USB stick or SD card might be appropriate for this task. It might also provide a method of transfering data between your A & B drives.

  Newuser3477 16:16 11 Jun 2009

I'm OK on transferring as much as I can from A drive onto USB stick.
How do I find out if I have 2 drives or one with a partition. If I have a portioned drive how do I remove partition to end up with one 10Gb drive?

  Rahere 17:00 11 Jun 2009

If it's like my eee 900 then you have two drives, (actually memory chips not hard drives with partitions).

I removed a number of programs such as Sun office and replaced it with Open office, plus delete unused fonts, check your eee for other unnecessary programs installed such as multiple versions of Java at 100 mb at time. Do the above before you attempt the big clear out below.

What really makes a difference is remove update backups and other programs from the smaller drive. I move files to the second drive - if there are problems so they can be restored easily

c:\windows\Software Distribution Download
c:\windows\ ie7updates

I have turned off the system restore function and moved the virtual memory to the second drive too.

I now have just under 1 Gb free on the 4gb drive.

  Rahere 17:04 11 Jun 2009

also uninstalled adobe reader 100 mb and installed Foxit reader instead.

I saved a lot of room removing all .net frameworks and installed only more recent as they are cumulative - this could be messy and take ages to download install and update so skip it if you want. You'll need to remove the backups of all new updates to the other drive from the folders above every so often too.

  realist 18:42 11 Jun 2009

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