Asus eee 4g PC & windows XP - help

  immigration01 10:37 14 Apr 2008


I'm a total beginner when it comes to computers. I have the above and in order to download anything from discs from the external disc drive I have it seems I need Windows XP. There are loads of packages out there and they seem really expensive. I just need it for this one machine. Could anyone say which windows XP package I need and what sort of price i need to being paying?? there are windows prs/upgrades and all sorts and I don't want to but the wrong thing! in hindsight i'd just have bought it with it already installed but i didn't realise!!


  shellship 11:12 14 Apr 2008

What packages do you wish to download? Your Asus comes with many applications, particularly Open Office, built in.

  immigration01 11:22 14 Apr 2008

Hi Shellship

well i have bought the norton anti virus sortware and can't get that to work, there is a disc with my new printer, that doesn't work and also i have got the new bt home hub with wireless and tried to download all the protection i've paid for and it doesn't accept the the firefox (sorry it might not be called this - i know it's fire something). When I look at all the discs they all say windows xp or alta vista (i think) needed. I want to use it for banking so need to get some protection on it!!

any thoughts?? am I just being a thicky. It seems though most discs want windows or something to download them??

  matofthemint 11:57 14 Apr 2008

Go here click here and you will find much information on using the Eee.

  alan2273 14:02 14 Apr 2008

As matofthemint says go to that forum he posted the link to.
I have a 4g and unless someone has put Windows on it for you it comes with a standard version of Xandros,
It tells you in the manuual how to set up the internet.
To set up a printer, assuming you are using Xandros in easy mode, clicksettings/printer/click add/ then follow the wizard.

  alan2273 14:03 14 Apr 2008

Forgot to say if you are using Xandros you will not be able to install Windows programs, unless you install a program called WINE and that is a hit and miss affair as to what will work.

  DieSse 14:16 14 Apr 2008

Just to give you a feel for where you are:-

The Asus eeePc comes with Linux, not Windows, as the operating system.

Windows software does not work with Linux - you need Linux software. The Asus can load many programs - for an AV, for instance you can use Clam (which is free). But you cannot use Norton for Windows.

Do not buy any software which says "for Windows" - that's not what you need, and it won't work.

There is oodles of Linux software available, and most of it is totally free. The forum matofthemint suggested is a good place to start.

TYou can have Windows XP installed - but then you've got to pay for that too - and you've missed the point of having an ultra-cheap UMPC.

Linux can do all you want - but with Linux software, not Windows software.

  DieSse 14:49 14 Apr 2008

Connect to a BT home hub click here

  shellship 17:57 14 Apr 2008

The Asus comes with an anti-virus program built in - can't remember what it is called though, something simple like AV!

One other point not mentioned so far is that this little Linux beast is very fast. Put even a cut down version of XP on to it and it will slow down.

  immigration01 08:48 15 Apr 2008

thank you all for your help. i think i've just panicked as i've only ever used Word at work!! i'm sure i'll get the hang of it once i've had chance to play around with it. think i'll hold file on the windows xp thing as sounds like hassle and expensive that prob isn't necessary.

thanks again :-)

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