Asus EE and Mobille internet

  shellship 17:37 22 Jun 2008

I am sure I read a post in which the FE not only said he had an Asus but also said he used it remotely to contact the internet, emails etc. It runs a form of Linux and I do not think the mobile companies have dongles which work with this. So how did he do it, please.

  shellship 16:10 26 Jun 2008

Bump please

  DieSse 18:04 26 Jun 2008

You do it by going to a place where they have open wi-fi access. Many internet cafes do - Starbucks does (at least in the States) - and I'm sure many other places do now in the UK.

The eeePC has wi-fi built in. My granddaughter has one, with a wireless access point in their home.

  shellship 19:06 26 Jun 2008

Thanks. It is fine at home where we have wi-fi access on our network and also wherever there is another wi-fi access. What I was interested in was using the mobile network to access the internet etc which you can do with any lappy that runs Windows - buying a dongle from a number of mobile telephone operators like Vodaphone and T-mobile.

  helen. 19:09 26 Jun 2008

like 3 use.

Like click here and click here

  shellship 21:14 26 Jun 2008

Absolutely right. Possibly useful links. Many thanks - so far!!

  54david27 09:05 27 Jun 2008

Hi Shellship, I use the EeePC with a 3G dongle, the EeePC OS has drivers built in for the Hauwei E220 dongle, I think most mobile operators use this dongle. More information can be found on the EeePC forums, click here or the wiki click here.

  shellship 15:06 29 Jun 2008

Many thanks. Sounds complicated but will post as resolved.

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