ASUS CRW 5224A / Athlon XP 2000+ Problems?

  Ben Avery 22:16 25 Feb 2003


Today I've installed a new ASUSTek 16x DVD Drive and a ASUSTek CRW 5224A CDRW Drive as well as an Athlon XP 2000+ CPU but I'm having a couple of problems.

The DVD drive and the CDRW Drive were both automatically installed by Windows (2000 Professional) and the DVD drive came with an installation floppy disk (For win 3.x DOS) and some DVD software.

The CDRW drive came with a blank CDRW, a blank CDR and a copy of Nero Express

The DVD drive, when inserting an audio CD, plays very nicely (after setting the system setting to Didital audio as it runs off the digital cable).

The CDRW drive however (plugged through the Analogue audio cable) starts to play tracks for a fews seconds, then skips to the next track - This is not due to "Intro" play or anything like as the Intro play is set to "off" and the seconds vary from 12 seconds play to 4 seconds play before skipping.

I tried to play them again, but using Windows Media Player 9 and WMP recognised the disc but on pressing play, changed the font colour of the tracks to red, displays "!" marks next to each track and shows the following error:

"Windows Media Player cannot read the CD. Be sure the CD is free of dirt and scratches and the CD-ROM drive is functioning properly."

I have tried uninstalling the CD-ROM drive from the Device Manager and letting Windows find it again, but this has not helped.

Can you give me any ideas on how to remove this problem?

Also, I'm a littlwe concerned about my new CPU as it gives off a slightly "warm" smell.

The thermal paste was ok and the AMD heatsink came with the processor so I guess it's compatible!?

It's not burning as such, may just be a bit of dust which is being warmed up, that kind of smell.

Should this worry me?



  professor 22:23 25 Feb 2003

as for your CPU as longs as your system health reports your cpu at around 50c it can be higher-much higher up to about 70c you are fine i have a 1800+ and it gives a slightly "warm smell" but its plenty cool so i wouldnt worry about it.

now about that CD-RW id take it back and change it as it sounds like a dodgy laser in the drive if you ask me.


  Ben Avery 22:32 25 Feb 2003

is there a way to check this without going into the BIOS?

  goonerbill 23:06 25 Feb 2003

what make of mobo do you have. gigabyte have a utility called easytune and you can find out what temp things are running at, not sure about other mobo makers though. check the disk that came with ya mobo and look for any mobo utilities

  Ben Avery 00:05 26 Feb 2003

cpu running at 58 degrees C

Any other thoughts on the CDRW drive?

  Psiman 07:18 26 Feb 2003

Small bit of freeware to give you real time temp monitoring without refering to BIOS click here

  Ben Avery 08:36 26 Feb 2003

42 degrees!

About the CDRW?



  Ben Avery 13:36 26 Feb 2003


  Ben Avery 17:25 26 Feb 2003

I am still having trouble with the playback on this CDRW drive.

Hasn't anyone got any ideas?

It is recognised in the device manager and is alegedly working properly but it doesn't play still!


  toxin 17:54 26 Feb 2003

I think there must be a bad batch of asus 5224a drives as I recently bought one from Komplett and couldn't make it work; if I inserted a data disk it said it was an audio disc and when I put an audio disc in it said it could n't recognise the data!

My local computer shop tested it ; couldn't make it work even when tried in their other machines, so I sent it back and now have a Benq 4816 installed and this is working perfectly.

Hope this helps!

  Ben Avery 17:59 26 Feb 2003

that it is likely a bad Drive and should be replaced then???

Bought it from dabs (not that it makes any difference!)


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