Asus AZV333 Motherboard Capability

  Lerm 18:41 18 Mar 2006

Can anyone tell me how I find out what my Asus AZV333 motherboard CPU capability is? At present I have an Athlon XP 1900+, severly under-nourished by today's standards, I know.

I want to make the biggest CPU upgrade I can but don't know how to find out the motherboard's maximum CPU capability.

At present can't use the desktop it belongs to because the CPU fan died and overheating shuts down the computer. Fan I bought today is too big to fit! But while waiting to change it want to find out what the CPU capability of my Asus AZV333 motherboard is. E.G. Could I slap a 64 bit AMD processor on it?

  Totally-braindead 19:02 18 Mar 2006

Are you sure its the AZV333 and not the A7V333?
click here if you're unsure download this and it will tell you click here

  ed-0 19:08 18 Mar 2006

Asus A7V333.

This can go upto a barton 3000+ ( 333Mhz ) if you have pcb 2.0 and bios 1016 or higher. click here

Sorry, you can not put a 64bit cpu into this motherboard.:-(

  ed-0 19:08 18 Mar 2006

I should of refreshed TB.;-)

  Totally-braindead 19:10 18 Mar 2006

Getting the processor would be the problem Lerm as they no longer sell them, it doesn't mention the Semprons but I wonder if anyone knows if they would work on this board?

  Totally-braindead 19:11 18 Mar 2006

Forget it ed-0 I'm a real slow typist, forever getting beaten to the punch, usually by Vog!

  Lerm 20:06 18 Mar 2006

Many thanks for the prompt and informative feedback and info, folks.

I've got to face it, it's been a worthy workhorse for a few years but I will have to be thinking seriously about a new PC in the very near future!

  Totally-braindead 20:17 18 Mar 2006

You haven't said if we were right about the motherboard, but that aside, if you do decide to upgrade then may I suggest some of Novatechs bundles click here or click here

  Lerm 08:31 23 Mar 2006

Sorry TB and ed-0, yes, you were indeed right about the motherboard, it is an A7V333. Thanks for the excellent links, makes an upgrade a distinct possibility at those prices. Much appreciated.

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