asus azn266 vm ?

  kbjuan 14:30 28 Dec 2007

I think my motherboard needs replaced what will fit in the case I am way new to stuff like this.

  johndrew 16:43 28 Dec 2007

It would help if you gave more details about the case size and the symptoms you have with the motherboard. However this click here may help and if you need the motherboard specification you can look here click here

  skidzy 16:46 28 Dec 2007

Do you mean the A7N266VM not AZN266VM ?
Basically the 7 instead of the Z as i do not seem to find much if any information to AZN266VM.

I think im correct in saying its a socket A 462.

This is an old board and limited for an upgrade,its a MicroATX board,so if you have a MicroATX case you need a MicroATX mainboard,however if the case is a standard ATX then a standard ATX mainboard will fit as will a MicroATX board.

Though to be honest,you maybe better buying a Motherboard bundle.You would then see an improvement on the pc.

If you can tell us your budget,we can advise accordingly.

  paul€ 19:35 28 Dec 2007

Your motherboard is very old and you will not be able to find a new one that will support your cpu, ram and possibly the graphics card. You might be able to get a second hand motherboard from the likes of ebay.

Your choices would be to get a second hand motherboard and see if it works, or spend a few pounds more and get an up to date motherboard bundle. This would include, motherboard, ram, cpu and HS+F, possibly a new case also.

This should fit you case click here It has integrated graphics and can take one of the new graphics cards later. It works out at £88. Thats good value and would be a massive boost in performance over your current motherboard.

  kbjuan 01:52 29 Dec 2007

thanks everyone for taking the time to respond.Mabey I should start over with a dell or vision computer it comes with a 3 year warrenty

  skidzy 10:15 29 Dec 2007

Exactly my thinking.

PCWorld have a very good deal on the go at the moment with a 22" monitor for £500

click here this will take some beating.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E4500
2.2GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB Cache
Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
2GB Memory
360GB Hard Drive

  bminor6 04:55 08 Feb 2008

According to the user's manual, you cannot buy any of these great 1 gb, 2gb DIMMS for sale because the A7N266VM only supports "NON"-ECC PC200/260 DIMMS which go no higher than 512 lousy MB. So there are all these huge sized DIMMS (SDRAM) around for ASUS computers, but if you are lucky enough to have a A7N266VM ASUS motherboard, well then you are out of luck; two 512 mb DIMMS is all you can ever have for all eternity, which today isnt enough to keep updated with Servic Packs from MSoft!!
Unless somebody knows a way around that stupid rule, please let me know. Or what would happen if I just stuck a 2 GB DIMM ECC in my computer anyway, would it turn green and melt before my eyes or what? ASUS customer support are really dumb on this, maybe this forum can help if you know anything out there...please email me, thanks

  keef66 11:06 08 Feb 2008

because it's old technology, and when they produced it they couldn't conceive that anyone would be wanting anything as extravagant as 2GB ram!

  kbjuan 15:51 08 Feb 2008

What a great crew here

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