Asus A7V600 Mobo & W98SE?????

  hodder 23:44 25 Sep 2003

Hi there,
I've just bought the Asus A7V600 Mobo for a new build, nothing was said on any of the sites I checked out prices on, about OS compatability!
When I actually received the mobo, it states in the mobo manual that the supported OS's are ME/2000/XP.
I've checked on Asus site but it does not say anything about this. Does anyone know if I can use this new mobo with W98SE.

Regards, in anticipation, Bob.

  hodder 00:10 26 Sep 2003


  hodder 00:30 26 Sep 2003


  MAJ 00:34 26 Sep 2003

If anyone knows they will post, hodder, they're not deliberately not posting. I'd be inclined to believe the manual until you prove it wrong by trying out Win 98 on the board.

  hodder 00:39 26 Sep 2003

I know they will, I've been posting on here for a while now, and they have always come up with the goods!

  vinnyT 12:32 26 Sep 2003

It may be that the list dosn't include W98se because MS dosn't provide (or is soon withdrawing) support for W98se, whereas the other os's are still current. I would be supprised if the mobo didn't work with 98se, however, this is just guesswork on my part.

Why not ask the people you got the mobo from?

Sorry if this dosn't help, but at least it gives you a ^bump^.

  hodder 13:31 26 Sep 2003

I think your probably right, I'm going to tick the box as resolved and find out by building the thing and installing the OS. I will post a new thread if this doesn't work.

Thanks again,

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