ASUS A7N8X-X possible problems please help.

  dek26 12:51 25 Jan 2004

1st off i just want to say thanks 4 every1s help yesterday on the same problem.ok here is the problem now i bought a ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard and a gainward geforcefx 5200 128mb graphics card and 2 sticks of 256 ddr pc2100 kingston ram memory on friday,i have a amd athlon 1600+ processor and a 30 gig and a 4 gig hard drive 1 as master and other as slave,ok so me and a friend of mine we put the new mobo in and graphics in and the memory sticks in, then we formatted the hard drive then put windows 98 se and then upgraded it 2 xp, but it then started sayin things like invalid boot.ini booting from C:\windows\ but i got that fixed and it then started freezin up so i had 2 restart all the time it also would crash and restart at random, so i decided 2 format both my hard drives again and then install windows 98se on it but it still crashes i dont know if its anythin 2 do with the drivers 4 the mobo and the card that they mayb conflictin or even the memory sticks i dont know, i also dont know if i have the bios set correctly or even if it needs updated im goin out my mind here if any1 has any knowledge or has had similar problems please share with me as i cant get my £190 back for the mobo and card so im stuck with it so i need 2 get this fixed.

  Double Helix 13:13 25 Jan 2004

Hopefully someone can sort this for you since I just bought the same mobo.

Have you tried taking your graphics card out and using your old memory, then try new memory then try graphics card

I had similar problem, which seem to be semi-resolved click here

Don't know how much help it can be, but theres a few good points in there.

  dek26 13:20 25 Jan 2004

double helix

my old memory is sdram so i cant even do that.

  fredo3 13:52 25 Jan 2004

I'd much prefer a clean windowsxp install for your version of xp just the upgrade?

  Rayuk 13:54 25 Jan 2004

Just instal WinXP it will ask for your Win98CDROM to verify you have a legit copy,no need to instal Win98 first.
Asus boards are a bit picky with ram so if you still have problems with it try some other ram if you can

  dek26 14:07 25 Jan 2004

i have 98 se but i only have a copy of an upgrade xp pro and i dont have any other ram 2 try.

  Rayuk 14:54 25 Jan 2004

Even though its an upgrade copy you still do a fresh instal from WinXP cdrom and it will ask for the Win98 cdrom during instalation procedure.

  Smiler 15:10 25 Jan 2004

It looks like asus boards are fussy about memory look here click here for the recomemnded memory for your board (its at the bottom or the page)

  dek26 16:16 25 Jan 2004

smiler i have kingston 256 ddr ram pc2100, it says at the bottom of the page u directed me 2 that it excepts kingston ddr ram 256 so it cant b the ram. but thanks for ur help cheers.

  Faser 16:52 25 Jan 2004

Have not messed around with Asus mobo but once gave myself loads of grief by setting BIOS on a MSI board to "LOAD HIGH PERFORMANCE".

Could be worth checking to see if you have a similar setting as this not suitable for a standard setup.

  dek26 19:15 25 Jan 2004

heres the latest guys i formatted my hard drive again and took my 512mb out and replaced it with a 128mb and also changed my graphics card 2 a geforce 4 mx 440 64mb i then installed windows 98 se and it was working until i went 2 install the mobo invidia2 drivers then it crashed and restarted it self so i tried puttin xp on usin a downloaded version of an upgrade xp pro disk which i have used in the past with success but half way thru it crashed and a blue screen appeared with white writin on it that was mumbo jumbo 2 me but it said in the technical info

stop : 0x0000008e (0xc0000005, 0xbf8af968, 0xfc69bbd8, 0x00000000)

win32k.sys - address bf8af968 base at bf 800000, datestamp 3b7de698

beginning dump of physical memory
physical memory dump complete

so i let it restart and try installin xp again and the same screen came up but this time instead of win32k.sys it was fastfat.sys

so if there is any1 who can make head nor tail of this then they get my upmost respect cos i dont have a scooby so sum1 please please help me

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