Asus A7N8X Motherboard v A7V8X-X OR MSI KT4Ultra

  Giggle n' Bits 22:26 30 Jun 2003

going to put together a new system using AMD Athlon XP2400 (2GHz) CPU don't want Raid or Seriel ATA just a board with onboard Audio.

Has anyone out there in PCA Land used the A7N8X, A7V8X-X OR MSI KT4V-L Ultra board and can give some feed back on thumbs up or down for nippy boards or easy to work wit.

Thought about trying the Nvidia chip board but is this really a good board.

No one will be held responsible if there findings are bad.

  clayton 23:20 30 Jun 2003
  Blitzer 23:32 30 Jun 2003

I got a Asus A7N8X deluxe board to upgrade my other machine and I've got to say it is a very good board and seems very stable. I should point out though that if you are after decent sound quality then supposedly the deluxe board is the one to go for. I certainly woudl not bother getting a sound card for it now - the on-board sound is very good.

  King Diamond 23:37 30 Jun 2003

I have the ASUS A7V8X, with the 2400XP CPU, 1024DDR PC2100, SB Audigy and a Creative TI600 and it goes like the clappers. Really fantastic performance that I cannot fault, YET.

It's a great board and driver installation is so simple, even a monkey could do it. It's great having a gigabit LAN card built in as well and USB 2 compatibility, plus the board has built in 5.1 sound. I use the SB AUDIGY though and dont have any problems.

Get a really good CPU fan though, dont waste money on those around £6, spend good and get a nice quiet fan, makes a big difference. The board also monitors your CPU fan and speeds it up if required should the CPU get hotter. Plus it has a CPU temp guage and can shut down at a certain temp of your choice.

I play loads of high end 3D games, both on and offline and this system just eats up anything thats thrown at it. The MB has been a god send, all I need to do is upgrade to PC32000DDR then I'll be ready for lift off.

The BIOS is really good and well laid out in my humble opinion, very easy to navigate. If you don't use your serial/parallel ports, then disable them and free up some IRQ's, always a handy thing to do. I disabled my onboard sound, com ports 1 & 2 and the parallel printer port, thus freeing up a few IRQ's, which can be given to other hardware devices.

ASUS boards are all I will buy, because once I find a good thing that works well, I stick with it. I would recommend this board as it has given me 3 months of non-stop reliability, long may it continue.

This board will not dissapoint.

  woodchip 23:41 30 Jun 2003

The weaknes with ASUS is the onboard chip fan that's been known to fail in two weeks, and not easy to replace

  Giggle n' Bits 23:42 30 Jun 2003

just so many to choose from, so much choice.
Know what you mean about the onboard audio, have heard a few things about breaks in the audio on boot and graphics.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:47 30 Jun 2003

hit the nail on the head. I have used Asus boards in the past like A7V333, A7M266 just always find the audio CMEDIA chip also a let down.

Good review also KD !.

Understand these chipset fans also can fail like on any motherboard, if there going to fail though they are within the first 6 months woodchip.

  clayton 06:49 01 Jul 2003

The Asus A7N8X doesnt have any onboard fans, go for the Delux version with Dolby sound & make sure the board is a revision 2 wiith the ultra 400 chipset.

  rubella 08:52 01 Jul 2003

a machine i have with a KT4 ultra board and it is a swine to overclock. it's has a barton xp2500 and 500 megs of corsair 3200 running at 13*170. i've had to settle for a low fsb because i can't independently choose the agp frequency [etc.] with it.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:49 01 Jul 2003

but does this board have RAID ? which I don't want.

  Steve- 12:16 01 Jul 2003

I have built units with both VIA and NVidia versions of the ASUS Boards, both worked well but the Nvidia chipset was noticably faster and seems to avoid the software game problems that VIA sometimes has. I initially changed to Nvidia after C&C Generals refused to run properly with ths VIA chipset on an ABIT board.

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