Asus A7N8X motherboard

  Kudu 21:41 03 Mar 2003

I bought the above motherboard & in the list of package contents was a "Asus 2 port USB bracket (optional)" Does this mean it should have been included & it was optional whether you fitted it or do you have to buy it as an optional extra.

  clayton 21:45 03 Mar 2003

I think if you get the Delux version of the motherboard you get the bracket.

Was it included? (Stating the obvious really)

When i brought my A7V333 last year, it too saod "optional USB Bracket" and it was included in the box to be fitted if needed. Do I take it that you did not receive one? If so give the retailer a ring or check the description again to make sure, even better, see what the Asus site suggests may be included as I would hate to think that the retailer had "Lost" the bracket to sell on - Cynical or what??

  Steve- 21:54 03 Mar 2003

I also bought this board, the bracket is something you have to buy as an extra, but I am yet to find one for sale. The A7V8X VIA version of the board includes the bracket as standard.

Maplin sell a generic version but make sure the leads are long enough to reach from the board header to the mounting point.

I have to say I am finding the A7N8X superior in speed and stability especially with my sons war style games.

  Kudu 21:55 03 Mar 2003

Sorry should have said i was not in box & no deluxe version mentioned.Been on to Ebuyer four times but they do not answer.

  Kudu 22:12 03 Mar 2003

Thanks for replies,will try Maplin as 4 USB ports are not enough.

  MartinT-B 16:03 04 Mar 2003

I hope you got this sorted.

I remember there being a USB header issue with this board, which I saved to my PC as I am about to get one myself.

This is a cut/paste edited hightlight of the thread and resolve incase you want to attach your USB front connectors to the board.

A7N8XD USB & Firewire headers?
Hi all,

I've been trying to hook up the front mounted ports on my case to the USB & Firewire headers on my Asus A7N8X Deluxe, but could use some clarification on the correct way to attach the pins.


Having read an appropriate thread at and an installation guide, I know where to put most of the individual wires that my front mounted ports have.

The USB header layout for the mobo is fairly typical:

USB+5V | USB_P6- | USB_P6+ | GND | NC
USB+5V | USB_P5- | USB_P5+ | GND

The positive, negative, and power connectors on the corresponding cable are pretty obvious, but the pins coming from the front of the case have three grounds - they're marked 1GROUND, 1GROUND, and 2GROUND. One of the 1GROUND pins has two wires going into it - I assume this is the one to put as the shield/NC connector on the mobo?

Firewire / 1394

The mobo headers for Firewire are as follows (8 pins):

GND | GND | TPA2+ | TPA2- | TPB2+ | TPB2- | GND | +12V

But the connection from the front of the case only has 6 pins:

TPA- | TPA+ | TPB- | TPB+ | VG | VP

Is it okay to not use all the grounds on the mobo header? Which grounds on the header should I not attach?

TIA for your help.

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If I remember correctly from my A7V8X they should only go on 1 way (one hole will be filled with plastic to prevent you putting it on the wrong way around).
They might have changed it for the nForce 2 though not sure
Nah, all my connectors are individual pins, rather than wired into pre-moulded plugs.

These are the front mounted ports and cables I've got:

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I sure will - if I can get things working; looks like I'm not the only one with this 6-pin case cable onto 8-pin asus header problem.

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30th Jan 2003 17:24


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Well, I think so. The USB was no problem - if you've got nine separate pins from your front mounted USB ports, just attach them as shown in the mobo manual and leave off the shield connection, which has the thickest wire (so you only plug in 8 pins).

I haven't got any firewire devices to test whether the IEEE1394 front port actually works, but there are no shown problems in device manager - WinXP seems to have installed everything fine, unlike many of the people in that thread I referenced above. Some also complained in that thread at nForcersHQ that it didn't work despite device manager showing everything as being ok, so I can only hope for the time being that this isn't the case here. I might have to borrow a camcorder or mp3 box to test it in operation, though. *fingers crossed*

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