Asus A7N8X M/B and Sata HDD

  Blubottle 15:17 27 Nov 2009

I have just fitted a seagate 500Gb Sata II HD to my system but it is not recognised. any advise please.
system Two IDE HDD's Xp on primary

  donki 15:25 27 Nov 2009

Is it recognised in the bios? Have you added the drive in XPs disk management program?

  Blubottle 16:37 27 Nov 2009

No it's not been recognised in the bios and how do you add a drive in the XP management program

  jimv7 16:41 27 Nov 2009

Check the drive for a jumper, sata 1 or 2. your board may not see a sata 2 drive in which case change or remove the jumper to sata 1.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 27 Nov 2009

You may need to enter the BIOS and "Enable" SATA

  Blubottle 16:57 27 Nov 2009

I can't find any ref to Sata in bios

  benwil 17:01 27 Nov 2009

on my a7n8x m/b you need sata drivers and hit f6 during boot up, i think

  jimv7 17:26 27 Nov 2009

On some older motherboards with no apparent ref. to sata, try enabling scsi, this has worked before.

  Blubottle 18:31 27 Nov 2009

There is also no reference to SCSI in the bios, the HD has got no jumpers

  Quiller. 18:33 27 Nov 2009

The Asus A7N8X does not support SATA drives, are you using a pci SATA controller card? If so which one.

  Blubottle 18:37 27 Nov 2009

My ASUS is the delux version and it has two sata headers pri and sec,!!

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