asus A7N8X-E deluxe n-force 2 and athlons 3000xp+

  davy_b 19:55 27 Jan 2004

I am considering buying this mothermoard to put into a new pc that i am going to build. i want to play games and do tech work on the computer. I am going to put a saphire radeon 9600xt 256mb ddr graphics card. I cant decide what processor to put into it but i have decided thats it going to be either the amd athlon 2800xp+ or the 3000xp+, they both are compatible with the above motherboard. The motherboard has 5 pci slots, 1 graphics card slot 8x, 6 usb 2.0 ports, 2 fire wire ports, onboard sound and LAN, 2 SATA ports.
what i want to know is this mothermoard any good? and what processor to choose?
please help me choose. Cheers

While I personally dont like the motherboard I know how popular it is. I have built three systems using it and had problems with all, but I know there lots of people who will swear by it.

As to CPU, can I make a suggestion?

click here from Dabs - this is a 3000XP BUT with a 400FSB (instead of the "normal" 333). I have one of these and run it with PC3500 DDR in dual channel mode. Slightly "Tweaked" (overclocking the FSB to 218Mhz giving 436 FSB total) it is reported as an AMD XP3200 and is as solid as a rock. Aida32 only has Pentium 4's and AMD FX61 CPU's reported as running faster on memory read and write!

  davy_b 20:07 27 Jan 2004

ive been on dabs but found that have better prices. cheers for the reply, also i dont really want to take the risk of over clocking the processor. I want a good reliable system. What was the problems with the mother bioards also not bad for £75

  davy_b 20:14 27 Jan 2004

smiffy99, cheers you recomend the 3000XP BUT with a 400FSB (instead of the "normal" 333), does this mean that is already overclocked when you get it, as the same cpu on click here has only 333fsb as you told me, why are they differnt?

thanks again smiffy99

No, I dont think you will find that it is "overclocked" at all - in fact quite the opposite!

All 3000XP CPUS are 333FSB and the only 400FSB is the 3200XP. Try searching other sites for this chip and you will be lucky to find it. I tend to think that these are "genuine" 3200XP's that have failed AMD's quality control BUT are perfectly OK for a 3000XP rating. Now think about it - AMD will run the things far more than the "average" user will ever to to test them and my particular CPU has never crashed on me once AND that is with it overclocked from the 400 to 436FSB setting. Running with a Radeon 9600 and playing Max Payne 2 full on (all settings highest) and never a problem. Trust me, this is a very good value CPU!

Dont forget - if it should cause you problems you can still send it back under warranty - SOGA still applies and all!

  davy_b 20:27 27 Jan 2004

so you would go for the 3000xp, i found it on dabs and the only problem is i cant seem to find one that comes retail packed (with a amd aprooved fan and heatsink allreadt fitted)Is it hard to fit a fan and heatsink? cheers smiffy

There is no problem with finding Heatsinks and fans, in fact in my experience I have always found the AMD "Approved" heatsinks to be very basic with noisey fans and fairly poor aluminium construction. OK, they all do the job well of cooling the CPU but hey, £15 gets you an excellent cooler these days with £30 pretty near top of the range.

Just a quick look and I would reccomend a copper (rather than aliminuim) heatsink and this would be worth considering click here although I have not used one. (Mine is a mish-mash of various bits with a coolermaster Areo 7 Copper Heatsink and Zalman 80mm Fan - quiet but effcient).

The thing with "retail" packs is that they are designed for "newbies" with full instructions and a comprehensive installation guide (and a considerable hike in price to boot). You are already using the best construction manual available - this forum - so if there is any aspect of fitting or whatever just post a question and you will be amazed at the help you will get.

  davy_b 18:42 28 Jan 2004

cheers smiffy, this is really helpfull. With your advice i think i have decided to go with the amd athlon 3000xp you mentioned from click here, especially that it has the 400 fsb compared to the 333.
I read on some reviews of the motherboard
that there is very little space around the CPU slot due to 5 large capacitors and it sais that some fans and heatsinks wil not fit, what do you think? will the aero 7 fit?

many thanks

Yes the Areo 7 Will fit - I have fitted one in the past but be warned - it is not the quietest of fans and also make sure your PSU is above the motherboard not in front of it as in some Midi towers - if that is the case it certainly will not fit due to the height.

  davy_b 20:38 28 Jan 2004

smiffy now that you mentioned that the aero7 might not fit in some cases and i have not choosen my new one yet i was wondering if you could give me any ideas as to what on to choose for the system described described at the top of the page and with the power unit in the corrett place, looks ok and has usb ports on front? in around £40 - £50??.
you have helped me a lot, thanks

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