Asus a7a133 motherboard gives video error...

  BBez 08:59 14 Oct 2007

Hi, just got an old Asus a7a133 motherboard and installed an old Athlon 1333MHz CPU with 384MB PC100 RAM (3x128 sticks) running an APG NVIDIA Ti200 64MB video card.

When i first installed XP Pro SP2, during setup i got a blank monitor and aparently no activity so i pressed the reset button and got POST beeps stating i had bad video card or bad video memory (1 long 3 short beeps).

To check POST was correct, i removed video card and rebooted, which gave same POST error but when i reebooted with the video card reseated, the system appeared to hang at POST with no POST error.

Eventually i tested the video card on another computer and it worked fine so i removed the battery from the motherboard for a day to clear the CMOS and started again.

This time the video card worked, XP setup continued and i managed to get XP installed, get it configured for my LAN and the kids were on the internet for about an hour then the monitor went black again. Same POST error on reboot.

I've just tried to boot it again this morning but booted into BIOS screen and noticed CPU temp was around 55c but the BIOS screen went all garbled the the monitor went blank.

Was wondering if this could be a faulty motherboard as i remember the CPU was working fine in other motherboard.

Any help, tia...

  Strawballs 09:44 14 Oct 2007

Could it be the cmos battery needs replacing.

  BBez 11:39 14 Oct 2007

hi Strawballs, tried 3 other batteries, no difference.

If i start up PC, i get no post with video card in AGP slot but if i remove the video card and start up, i get the long beep with three short beeps after (meaning bad video ram / bad video card)

The card is working, just tried it in other PC..?


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