Asus & 9700 pro

  CRAIGY 19:23 04 Jul 2003

Over the next few weeks i want to buy a new mobo and GC, i was looking at the Asus A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard bundle form novatech click here
I also wanted to get an 9700 pro Graphics Card. It says on the website novatech mobo is agp 1.5v only. I looked about for a bit and found the 9700 pro supports AGP 2X (3.3v), 4X (1.5V), 8X (0.8v)
does it mean it wont run properly or possible fry the card? any help would be gratefull to clear this matter up...

  Rayuk 19:29 04 Jul 2003

I am running A7N8X ver.1.04 and 3dConnect Radeon 9700Pro no problems whatsoever.

You will not be disappointed.

One thing to note,it comes with 512Mb PC2700 DDR
check that this is 2 sticks of 256Mb to take advantage of dual memory controller on Nforce2 boards.

Unless of course you will be adding another 512Mb

  CRAIGY 19:45 04 Jul 2003

thanks for the quick response, Does your card not overheat then? and is your mobo deluxe? have you ever had any problems with your CPU?

  Rayuk 20:02 04 Jul 2003

Card doesnt overheat / mobo is deluxe onboard sound dual lan etc.Have AthlonXP 2600[333fsb] at the moment slight overclock to 171fsb[for last 2 weeks have just upped it to 177fsb[2.2Ghz]

Thermalright SLK800 cooler cpu runs at 36/40
3dMark2003 5900

  CRAIGY 20:16 04 Jul 2003

sounds cool, I'm still a bit worried about the temperature of the card i've heard it gets quite hot, do you have multi case fans to get rid of the heat? or leave the side pannel off or anything like that? my main peurpose would be for games (first person shoot'em-ups) so the card would be quite active for long periods. Even more so when DOOM 3 comes out.

  Ironman556 20:20 04 Jul 2003

Check you have the revision 2 motherboard if possible. I've just bought the A7N8X deluxe and was advised to check that it's revision 2. I think the main difference is that the revision 2 will support 400 Mhz Athlon's ie. the 3000XP onwards.

I've not built me PC yet, but recieved the package, includes everything you could want, SATA cables etc. All you may need to buy in addition if you want to use SATA drives is a power converter to convert the standard PSU plug to SATA. I got one from click here.

  Rayuk 20:57 04 Jul 2003

Heat isnt a problem for me as I have a Coolermaster case which has 4 fans 2 intake 2 exhaust.

You shouldnt have a problem with heat if you are worried use a monitor for the temps then if need be you can instal a couple of case fans.What case do you have??

If you look in Top 10 power pcs there are 3 pcs with Asus board and Radeon cards which should tell you something.

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