Associating jpg files in MS Outlook Express

  AroundAgain 23:12 19 Jul 2009

Windows XP
MS Outlook Expess 6

This question is on behalf of a friend who has asked me to help her with this problem.

Previously, double clicking a jpg attachment has opened the photo in a photo editing program (can't remember which one, sorry) but, for some reason it has stopped doing this.

Once the file is saved to the hard drive, it opens ok on double click.

I have tried dis-associating then re-associating programs but I haven't made any progress.

Nothing happens on double click, not even getting a dialogue box.

Can anyone help me sort her computer out, please?

Thanks very much

  accordion 09:46 20 Jul 2009

Does your friend have Kodak Easyshare installed? This is known to have caused problems.

There's a trouble shooting guide for OE that may help : click here


  AroundAgain 00:05 21 Jul 2009

Thanks Accordion

She has a program which came with her camera, so just a basic image management program. She doesn't have Kodak one.

I checked out the trouble shooting guide but it only said how to do what I had already done, ie re-associate files.

I would really appreciate any other suggestions, folks!


  Simsy 07:24 21 Jul 2009

hyperlinks can stop working in OE, if OE itself isn't the default email program, of there is a registry corruption that makes Windows think this...

This sounds like it might be a similar problem, so resetting it to be the default might cure it...

see if this helps
click here

You have to set it to NOT be, and then change it back for it to be effective.

Good luck,



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