Assistance please-new build

  Hax 15:17 15 Mar 2004

Strange behaviour! Not come across this before.

Biuld has gone well but on powering up , as soon as HDD starts to spin power cuts off.

Cannot restart so have to disconnect power for a few seconds , reconnect and same thing happens.

Have substituted : memory , HDD , and am now at a loss , and have tried with just HDD connected and nothing else but with the same result.

  Epoc 15:33 15 Mar 2004

Are you sure the PSU is working OK, it might be underpowered or the power good signal might not be stable.

  slimbo51 15:40 15 Mar 2004

Checked H/Sink is properly bonded with thermal grease to proc.

Not advisable to use that crappy pink rubbish that manf put on, as the thermal transfer can be quite poor.

If not spot on will cause over heating, and create a shutdown situation.

Sorry if I'm telling you how to suck eggs.

  Hax 15:42 15 Mar 2004

ALL I can say is that it is a new case , and hence a new power supply and is 300w.

Power Good signal?

  Hax 15:47 15 Mar 2004

slimbo51 -

Sorry overposted.

No , I have trusted to that "crappy pink stuff".

Are you saying that overheating/shutdown will happen that quickly?

  Hax 15:47 15 Mar 2004

slimbo51 -

Sorry overposted.

No , I have trusted to that "crappy pink stuff".

Are you saying that overheating/shutdown will happen that quickly?

  R4 15:47 15 Mar 2004

Check your Power supply is meaty enough try this site to find out what you need:- click here

Try starting with mobo/memory and just the Video and a keyboard/ mouse should boot to bios OK if not recheck all you settings & connections.

Once this is acheived add your other parts one at a time ensure successful boot each time

  slimbo51 16:02 15 Mar 2004

If your using a AMD proc, shutdown will be very rapid if not seated properly.

Depends on over temp setting in bios as well.

Set mine at 75c to protect proc.

On the H/Sink it self is a ledge which if u sit on it by mistake will not make the proc to H/Sink
bonding. (Done it myself once before and shut down happened within 5 sec of power up. (Thankfully)).

Might not be this of course so look to all other sugestions from members as well.

  961 16:43 15 Mar 2004

If AMD processor then the thermal paste they use themselves is perfectly OK and should not be changed. Check location and seating of processor and ensure you are using approved heatsink and fan. If you have bought boxed AMD processor with heatsink and fan included these are guaranteed for 3 yrs. There is very good detailed instructions on AMD web site regarding installation of AMD processors. I guess Intel have the same

I wonder if above posts re power supply might point to the problem. Depending on what hardware you have, especially graphics card, 300 watts is by no means over the top these days.

Can you try system with on board graphics or old minimal graphics card? Then it will be possible to check in BIOS if temps are OTT causing shut down

  brydonr 16:54 15 Mar 2004

Check the fan connection to the motherboard is in the correct socket, as some turn off power if they do not detect a cpu fan. Also if you run some of the larger cpu fans from Zalman with speed controllers they can be too slow for the motherboard to detect, so disconnect the controller and modify the bios when it boots to stop shutdown.

  W.o.t.i.f 17:03 15 Mar 2004

check that your mains socket is working properly, i had a four way plug which would sometimes ,loser power in one of them.

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