Assigning different default browsers to users?

  Martin : 15:19 03 Jun 2004

Recently, I have discovered the web browser Mozilla Firefox, and have become an instant fan. Shortly after I installed it, I made it my default browser and it has worked fine ever since.

Until, when my sister used her user account, she complained that she didn't have Internet Explorer anymore, and couldn't play on her Flash games.

Since the websites she goes on are pretty popular, I would have thought that they would be compatible with most major browsers (especially when Mozilla is more or less the backbone of Netscape, the second most popular browser), but obviously I was wrong.

OK, so I better go back on topic now. I changed her default browser back to Internet Explorer, only to find that mine had been changed back too. It seems that you can only have one default browser across the whole computer.

Am I wrong to say this? Or is there a way for me to have Firefox and everyone else to have Internet Explorer?

At the moment, I have had to reach a compromise and put a shortcut to Firefox on my desktop, but all my other web links, HTML documents and Internet shortcut on my Start Menu appear in Internet Explorer.

  Pesala 17:39 03 Jun 2004

You can run Opera from a CD: click here

Try with a CD-RW disk so that you can save your bookmarks and contacts. More private too.

  Martin : 18:06 03 Jun 2004

That article talks about putting the Firefox installation program onto a CD, with a few settings as well, but what I want to do is have Firefox as my default browser and Internet Explorer as everyone elses.

  iambeavis 18:08 03 Jun 2004

This may help. Go to click here. About half way down the page you will find 'IE View for Windows'. Download and install. It's an extension which allows you to open your present page in 'Internet Explorer', should it refuse to work correctly in 'Firefox'.

  Martin : 18:21 03 Jun 2004

I personally would be happy with that, but that isn't good enough for my family. Sorry :(

  Martin : 18:22 03 Jun 2004

Could it be done through the registry?

  Pesala 18:57 03 Jun 2004

click here Unless you have Windows 2000, you cannot association the same file type with different programs for different users AFAIK. Only sensible solutions I can see are:

1. Let IE be the default, but run Firefox from a CD-RW or USB if that is possible.

2. Use drive caddies and two hard drives

3. Use a dual boot system or HyperOS.

  Martin : 19:01 03 Jun 2004

Aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(

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