Assign HDD letters - does this look ok?

  Ironman556 16:31 01 Feb 2003

Hi, I've just reformatted and my 2nd hdd with all my backed up data has no drive letter, and in the properties I have no options to change the letter because none are reserved.

Any ideas on how I can access my data?

Does this program look ok? click here and does anyone have any experiance with it?

I've posted another thread today which I don think is relavent anymore, so I'll close it and put a link to it here. click here

Thanks Ironman

  Ironman556 16:51 01 Feb 2003

Ok, I decided to go for it... disappointment... The drive didn't show up. Any Ideas on how I can give it a drive letter? Windows sees it because it's installed a generic driver the same as my c:, but it just has no letter... :-(

  Irishman 16:58 01 Feb 2003

click here;EN-US;q307844

Click here. Apologies if you have already tried this.

  Irishman 17:01 01 Feb 2003


Try again, remove the space before support

  jazzypop 17:19 01 Feb 2003

Which version of Windows?

  Ironman556 17:28 01 Feb 2003

Thanks I hadn't checked that... I've been trawling through links on google. I'll have a look.

  Ironman556 17:31 01 Feb 2003

Win 98 SE

  Ironman556 17:37 01 Feb 2003

Ok, I've just read that you can't change the drive letters of fixed HDD's, only on CD-Rom's etc. Is that true? I've just checked and I do have letters avaliable for DVD-ROM and CD-Writer, but am unable to do anthing about HDD letters as they're greyed out.

Surely there's some ole fashioned way of installing a formatted drive without me having to run the seagate diskwizard & risking it doing magic on the files on there already?

  jazzypop 17:40 01 Feb 2003

Let's start from the beginning...

When you installed your new drive, did you change the jumpers on the old drive to slave?

Is your BIOS set to auto-detect all drives?

Are the power and IDE cables firmly pushed home?

  Ironman556 18:33 01 Feb 2003

I got the new drive about a month ago. Installed it as the Primary Slave, after messing with the BIOS and jumper setting. I ended up with auto detect and limiting the reported size to 33.8 GB.

I have now reformatted and backed all my data to that drive. Windows will now not allow me to access the drive, although it knows there's something there because it's installed a driver, it just won't display in My Computer or Explorer.

I've just installed the seagate wizard again, and reports no problems with the drive in the self test, so for some reason it can see the drive through Windows, but Windows cannot use it.

I booted using the Seagate Diagnostic hoping it would let me install ONTRACK, which I think is where the problem lies. When I cleared C: I lost ONTRACK so it doesn't ;oad at startup so I don't have the support for larger disk sizes.

I've just found that after I've run the diagnostic, my BIOS crashes, even though it had already detected the drive. I've now had to disable it in order to get into Windows and onto PCA.

I feel someone suggesting a BIOS upgrade is coming on, but I have never done one before so want to leave that til the last option as I've had the drive installed and working for a month.


  Ironman556 18:52 01 Feb 2003

I've just rebooted to have another go at getting the drive enabled in the BIOS and it's accepted it's there this time! My BIOS is now happy, so that's one less thing to worry about.

My question now should probably be does anyone know if I can get hold of ONTRACK to install on its own, before it installed when I formatted the drive with the Seagate Disk Wizard.

(PS I'm sure all the cables are in correctly and firmly as the drive was working fine until I reformatted this morning)

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