Assiging a drive letter

  nickb1 20:32 12 Oct 2005

I have got a USB external hard disk drive which i have had for about a year, which has all my backup files on it.

Before it was assigned the letter I:\.

But when i turned on the computer today, i could not access it as there was no drive letter when i switched it on and went to my computer.

i right clicked on my computer and clicked on manage to try to assign a drive letter but it would not work.

Thanks Nickb1

  Jackcoms 20:42 12 Oct 2005

Try disconnecting it from the USB port, reconnect it and re-boot

  nickb1 20:43 12 Oct 2005

thanks for your reply, i have done what you said but it is still the same

  woodchip 20:44 12 Oct 2005

This sounds like ether faulty drive, or the partition may be corrupt on the drive, it depends on how you shut the drive down. If you just unplugged it without going through safe remove hardware then that's what's done it.

  woodchip 20:44 12 Oct 2005

Are other USB items working on the port you plug the drive into?

  nickb1 20:55 12 Oct 2005

woodchip, i always shut the USB drive down with the safe remove hardware, and then when it has been removed from the computer i then switch it off from the button.

when i turn it on i can hear it load, when i go down to the safe remove hardware, i can see it has been loaded onto the system, but there is no drive letter next to it.

  keith-236785 21:00 12 Oct 2005

try a different USB port, using a different port should kickstart the new hardware wizard and might sort it out for you, failing that, if you have Partition Magic, try using it to assign a letter to the pen drive.

  woodchip 21:00 12 Oct 2005

Try uninstalling USB's in Device Manager then restart computer

  nickb1 21:04 12 Oct 2005

paperclip - i have tried several diferent usb ports with various usb devices but they all work.

  woodchip 21:11 12 Oct 2005

Why not remove the drive from the Caddy and fit as slave in your computer to check it out.

  nickb1 12:36 13 Oct 2005

thanks for all the replys so far is there any other way that windows can assign a letter to an external HDD?

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