Assembled new PC but error messages at bootup

  May the Schwarz be with you... 18:44 27 Mar 2004

Hi, I recently bought a new Shuttle SN45G and stuck my Duron 1.3Ghz, 256MB PC2700 DDR RAM, Maxtor 60GB ATA133 hard drive and Liteon 52x32x52x CD-RW drive into it. Manages to boot up ok. I used Arctic Silver on my CPU and through BIOS, I get CPU temperatures of between 35-42C. The 200W PSU in the case does blow out quite warm air though.

Anyways, I keep arriving to the menu where you can choose 3 safe-mode options, some last known good configurations and start Windows normally. If I choose the first safe-mode option, it loads up some Windows gibberish and when it gets to some nup.sys file (I can't remember clearly the exactly name), it hangs and I have to restart. If I choose the last known good configuration, a white bar fills up at the bottom and then hangs. If I choose the start Windows normally option, the timer hangs as well. At one time, I also got a quite flash of a blue screen and then it restarted.

I have tried booting with the CD and repairing the Windows installation. I choose which installation I want to install so I press '1' for my C drive and then it asks for an admin password. I have set a password to log into my PC before but I have disabled it for some time. I'm the only user on the PC and when I boot up, I have to press OK to load Windows. So how do I repair Windows if I don't know the password?

Also, I moved some of my stuff to my brother's PC and have changed quite a lot of stuff like the motherboard, CPU and graphics card and at times, it keeps getting error messages at bootup, although safe-mode seems to work.

Therefore, would I be right at guessing that this problem is due to me switching around the components too much and that I need to format my drive?

At the moment, I'm having to plug my hard drive and my CD-RW to my brother's PC since it contains the motherboard, CPU and graphics card I previously used. I'm going to backup all my stuff to be safe.

Finally, it's fortunate that my hard drive is on 2 partitions. My C drive is where I have installed Windows and my important stuff like NVIDIA and sound car drivers. My D drive is full of stuff that I can't bear to lose. Therefore, would I be able to solve the problem by simply formatting the C drive and therefore, don't lose my important stuff?

Sorry guys if I have typed too much but I really need help and I didn't think that change my components for my new PC would be that difficult.


  R4 18:55 27 Mar 2004

Have you loaded the Shuttle Mobo Drivers; Try booting with minimum system ie. only the graphics card and the hard disk.

What version of windows are you using.

  R4 18:55 27 Mar 2004

Have you loaded the Shuttle Mobo Drivers; Try booting with minimum system ie. only the graphics card and the hard disk.

What version of windows are you using.

  VoG II 18:57 27 Mar 2004

When it asks for a password just press Enter.

How do I load the Shuttle Mobo drivers? Do I just make sure that the first boot device is my CD-RW and then boot up with the CD inside?

Yea, at the moment, I only have the graphics card, hard drive, memory, keyboard, mouse and CD-RW plugged in.

I'm using Windows XP Professional.

When I press enter, it says 'invalid password'.

  R4 19:03 27 Mar 2004

the Shuttle Mobo drivers are on the CD that came with the mobo, you need to get into windows to load them, Sorry I can't help on XP as I prefer Win98.

  josie mayhem 19:03 27 Mar 2004

sadly you didn't say what windows you are using, I'm assuming that it's xp?

If your motherboard is a different make to your old one, then windows might not be finding the information that it is expecting, causing it to hang and/or crash. Remember the configurations for the new board well may be different.

So it sounds like that a reformat will be needed. You should be able to just reformat the windows partition and reinstall.

What effects having some of your drivers on D drive I'm not sure, but if I was you I would replace the drive on your brothers and see if it boots up, and then back up all your files on The D drive just in case, before adtempting reformat.

Then reformat and reinstall windows on C: drive, and see what happens with the D: drive, you might get away with it.

good luck, hopefully someone else might also see this post, and give more/better info than I have.

  R4 11:29 28 Mar 2004

If as you say it's XP don't you have to re register / authorise when you fit new hardware like this

  josie mayhem 21:34 29 Mar 2004

If May the Scwarz be with you.. is using XP, it should really be given him a warning message that he's over step the mark!

As it can detect hardware changes, but how and when it decides that you've made to many chages is a law unto it self.

He's system is more likely hanging because he's configuration has change on the new mobo, and windows is going around in loops trying to find a bit of infomation it needs before going onto the next bit.

I ponder how realistic registering XP is? I was given my copy of XP, it had been on my ex-husband computer (activated and registered) but he didn't like it, so gave it to me. When I installed it onto my system, I couldn't activated over the net, but had to make a phone call to there customer services, I must admit that I had my explination all worked out, but they never querried it or anything, and I never had any trouble activating it after a case of sticky fingers, leading to a reformat and reinstallation!


I know that my copy of XP is only registered to this computer, has I've got the Disk and documantation, along side I reformated my ex-husbands computer and reinstalled his copy of win2000. But at the end of the day I never or nor did he inform microsoft of the removal of XP from his computer?

Anyways, I formatted everything after I backed up all my files on CD-R. I decided it was a good time to partition my drive as well. I partitioned my 60GB hard drive into a 10GB one for Windows and my othe important files like nVidia drivers, another 10GB one for my program files and then 40GB for all my music and movie files etc....

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