Asrock P4iG Motherboard and Kingston Memory

  Giggle n' Bits 19:14 25 Jan 2007

Just put together a rebuild using intel P4 3GHz Prescot CPU with Asrock P4i65G motherboard using 2x Kingston 512MB PC3200 CL3 DDR400 Code KVR400X64C3A/512

I was told this memory is compatible with the motherboard but have noticed in BIOS its showing as DDR333 and not DDR400

Does anyone know what i need to do to make the memory run at DDR400 please, maybe change a setting in the BIOS manually for DRAM freq to be DDR400 but I don't want to damage anything and currently left it set to the AUTO option.

thanks to any forum users who can help me out here.

  skidzy 19:51 25 Jan 2007

I have the same mobo but different ram,however you can go into the bios:

From memory

Chipset configuration/Dram frequency/enter/user the cursor and select 400 if showing.
Im guessing its showing 400/333/266

What damage this could do,im unsure as its normally backward compatible and would normally run at the slower speed if mixed ram.
Im assuming your bios has detected the ram and assigned the speed under the auto configuration.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:27 26 Jan 2007

I manually changed it to the DDR400 (200) all seems fine but I do have a problem sorting out Front USB Ports working on the case.

Can you help skidzy ?

  skidzy 14:39 26 Jan 2007

I had exactly the same problem Dusty,i never did connect my front usb ports as the mobo (to my knowledge) does not have the connections.

I did try one of the connections and ended up having a little smoke..luckily no damage done.
This mobo has ran fine since october last year.Though it is a pain when trying to connect another usb device in the back of the tower.

To be honest,i installed this mobo on my test machine in view of letting the kids have it,but it runs so smooth im reluncant to let them have it.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:59 26 Jan 2007

Strange problem with USB Front Panel here. Standard what I would now call USB 1.0 works fine on front port but put a USB 2.0 device on and no play. Tried both headers no play unknown device everytime. I have used the same sequence as i have used on Asus motherboards as the pins are identical. below is the correct wiring but i have a strange feeling its maybe something to do with the PSU ?

ok usb header 67 has 9pin and also the 45 doesnt make any difference which header is used so I use the near the front of case 67. There are two rows one being 1 pin short than other on the long row the numbers/colours are No.1 Red-White-Blue-Black & No.2 Row Red-Yellow-Green-Black

Different cases have different wires as long as PSU not under 350w then I would think its safe to experiment just make sure the machine is off power disconnected.

Back to my problem, please see my other post about the USB as this is going to clash so I close this post. Cheers. skidzy.

  skidzy 15:03 26 Jan 2007

I did see the 9 pin header,but sadly my front usb wires had a different block that would not fit,so me being me...adapted the wiring and almost had a fire Doh !
So now i do not worry about them.Cheers for the tip Dusty.

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