Asrock P4i65G Motherboard problems

  tonyam 22:01 02 Nov 2006

Hi There,

Have just purchased the above, processor already fitted and matching. Installed properly tonight but doesn't seem to power up (LED lights coming on but thats it). I have only got a 250w power output, and the manual recommends 300w +. Would this be the only reason it doesn't power up?

Any ideas much appreciated. Am a bit of a novice so go easy on me!


  ed-0 22:09 02 Nov 2006

Have you put both power connectors from the PSU into the motherboard.

I think it's a 20 pin and a 12v 4 pin .

  skidzy 22:14 02 Nov 2006

Hi ed-0

sounds familiar ?

Hi Tony,without stepping on ed-0's excellent service have a look here click here

I recently fitted this mobo and had similar problems,maybe the header is connected incorrect.Im sure ed-0 will advise accordingly.

Good luck

  skidzy 22:16 02 Nov 2006

Apologies wrong link,this one click here

  ed-0 22:17 02 Nov 2006

I thought that motherboard rang a bell.

I think you had better sit in on this one, you have first hand knowledge of the board.;-)

  rodriguez 22:22 02 Nov 2006

The 250w PSU worries me as I don't think that PSU's this low would be P4 compatible - in other word's I don't think they come with the extra 4 pin power plug for the CPU. If there isn't a square 4 pin plug with 2 yellow wires and 2 black wires, then you should get a new PSU that has them - one that says P4 compatible.

  skidzy 22:24 02 Nov 2006

Will do ed-0,but i think the pics you sent last time will suffice in connecting the power up from the case switch etc.To me,that was the most confusing part.

lets see where we go (with a smile he says)

Tony dont forget my link click here it will help connect the headers.

  skidzy 22:28 02 Nov 2006

i replaced my psu (250 watt) and it did have the 4 pin power plug.Now using 450 watt,i must stress i had several problems with the old psu and a new one bought from Maplins ...both faulty.

Hope this helps.

  tonyam 22:37 02 Nov 2006

have tried most of the things suggested from the thread you posted:

Checked the power, both 20 pin and 12v 4 pin connected. Unplugged all drives and left just the mobo plugged in and no luck.

How would i know if compatible RAM? Took the sticks out my old system, and would this defo stop it from powering up?

Reset power cable attached in the correct place by the way...


  skidzy 22:49 02 Nov 2006

If the Ram was the problem i would expect you to hear a few post beeps.So im suspecting the psu.

Can you explain why you are changing the mobo,did your last one die on you ? if so,its possible the psu has died also.

  tonyam 22:54 02 Nov 2006

Changing Mobo as CPU was attached to a fan i was cleaning and bent pins prevented it from working again. Old CPU and couldn't find replacement so thought i would upgrade mobo and cpu.

Any advice on the PSU i should buy?


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