Asrock MB Problem

  john-232317 11:49 08 Nov 2004

Hi guys, I have an Asrock K7S8XE+ MB. Running XP

There is a LAN adaptor built into the motherboard which is not working.

In device manager the is a yellow ? mark, and in properties there is a message "1394 net adaptor cannot start, code 10".

Is this drivers or MB problem ?

TIA John

  pj123 12:00 08 Nov 2004

Go into the BIOS and make sure it is enabled.

  john-232317 12:13 08 Nov 2004

Cheers mate i will try in a while, i have to change box over, and will let you know.

  keith-236785 14:27 08 Nov 2004

just had a look at the manual for you,,,, might as well have been reading the yellow pages for all the info it gives. just so you dont lose faith, the lan port on the K7S8XE+ does work (at least on mine it does)

as already stated, have a look in the bios.

  john-232317 14:44 08 Nov 2004

Just checked in bios and it was enabled. Thought while i was there i would disable it then enable it again.....big mistake now XP hangs again....

paperman27....The lan was working for about 5 months then PC kept hanging after a sign popped up about network line unplugged or similar, took the router cable out and still froze after about 6 mins but without the sign.

Could not restore or repair XP so put in again, now left with no net adaptor.

uninstalled adaptor and put in again three times but no change. MB problem ???

Googled "asrock code 10", could be anything....

  keith-236785 15:06 08 Nov 2004

presumably each time you remove/install lan adapter you have the motherboard driver cd in the drive and are not letting winxp install the basic windows drivers.

once you have installed the lan card, through device manager, try updating the driver (maybe a new driver is available from asrock).

good luck, though if it has worked before then stopped working, it might be a mobo fault, considering the low price of these boards, it might be cheaper to replace rather than repair, or just buy a new PCI lan card and disable the onboard one.

sorry i cant be more help, unless you need the mobo cd drivers.

best of luck

  keith-236785 15:27 08 Nov 2004

have you tried system restore, might be a windows error.

my lan card details from device manager/network adapters/sis 900-based PCI fast ethernet adapter

shows as

Driver Provider = sis

driver date = 02/08/2002

driver version =

digital signer = Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher

dont know if this helps any

  john-232317 15:46 08 Nov 2004

Its only a few months old so I will take back to shop and try to explain what problem is. ;-)

Spanish shop, should be fun.....will let you know outcome.

thanks John

  john-232317 11:13 12 Nov 2004

Hi guys, took it to shop and had a laugh with the Eng/Span langauge, but resolved it .

It was the onboard lan causing the freezing etc, so to save a lot of aggro he disabled it and put in a PCI one, Now back to normal.

thanks for your help, John.

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