Asrock K7VT Pro - Help needed urgently!

  paleblue 22:59 25 Oct 2005

Hi all,

I have been asked to replace some compnant parts on an aging system.

Firstly I would like to tell you what I have done.

Due to budgetry restraints (the couple are retired and use it for emails and word processing) I have swapped out the existing motherboard (Gigabyte GA7VAXP) as the chipset fan has died and fried the processing chip, producing errors left, right and centre. I have also replaced the CPU with a 1700+ AMD XP, a spare I had, as it had bent and damaged pins on the od CPU, and also replaced the PSU with a 500w (the PSU was dead).

I now have a problem either setting the bios to boot from the old maxtor fireball 3 40gb IDE 133 UHD. The system boots fine, but stays on the intial boot screen with the message checking IDE primary....OK. And thats as far as it gets, it will not boot to windows (XP wih SP2), I know the UHD works as I swapped it into my system and it booted fine. Any advise would b great, as I have promised them the system ASAP. The ssytem detects the Harddrive and all other componants no problem, as they are shown in the bios, I have also tried a reinstal of Win XP to no avail, it stalls on the boot screen. Please help!!

  phono 23:10 25 Oct 2005

When you say you have swapped the Mobo, CPU and so on, did you do a full format and reinstall of the OS?

I realise that you said you tried an XP reinstall, but was that an in place reinstall or a full format and reinstall as I previously mentioned?

  paleblue 23:20 25 Oct 2005

No, I did not do a hardrive format, as the original system was dead, this was not an option I had explored, i suppose it would be possible to do this using my own system, however, I am unconvinced that this would solve the overall problem.

From my knowledge base (I was a system builder for a well know Lancashire based company 5 years ago), the error seems to be stemming either from an incorrectly set BIOS or a harddrive error that I have seen no evidence of.

Alhough I checked the motherboard spec carefully before the purchase, I suppose it is possible that this mobo will not support IDE UHD's, or maybe not the older models.

The option would be to purchase a very cheap SATA drive and do a clean XP install onto that.

Advise again, is greatly appreciated.

  phono 16:07 26 Oct 2005

Have you tried resetting the BIOS to factory defaults using the CMOS jumper? If not try resetting it and see how far you get with the POST.

The next step I would try would be to unplug all other drives, apart from the Maxtor, and see how far you get then. If it boots okay check that all drives are correctly jumpered for master and slave as required before adding them one at a time and re-testing.

I would also suggest that you check that the cables themselves are okay by trying them in your own PC, as you have already done with the drive.

  woodchip 16:12 26 Oct 2005

It will not boot from the Hard Drive as all the Drivers are wrong you need to format and reinstall OS and all software. If they have things on the drive they do not want to loos put the Disc as Slave in your comp then get docs etc and save to CD

  phono 18:27 26 Oct 2005

That's what my initial thoughts were but having read the initial post again it appears, well to me it does anyway, that the problem is that the computer is hanging at the POST screen.

Maybe I am wrong on this, can you clarify paleblue?

  woodchip 18:39 26 Oct 2005

What do you mean by Post screen? You get a post beep then it goes to DOS so where is it stopping what is on screen

  paleblue 19:33 26 Oct 2005

The system is haning after post (ie get the single post beep) but before the system boots to windows. There is no Dos on this system as it is using XP. the Jumper settings are correct, as are the drive jumpers. all cables tested and passed fit.

The BIOS is set to auto boot, and even on manual boot, it searches for the drive and comes back ok.

I have come accross this before, but it was a couple of years ago, and for the life in me I cannot remember how to resolve it!

I don't feel that the system has been modified enough to have to format the drive and reinstall windows. however, when this is tried, and it goes to system reboot, it does the sdame thing again, hangs at after post boot......this is really getting me annoyed now lol!

  woodchip 19:39 26 Oct 2005

If you are putting XP on the Drive use Fdisk and remove all Partitions, Set the Comp to boot frm CD start it that way XP will do all the work of setting up. If it will not boot from CD. XP boot floppys click here

  fitcher 20:47 26 Oct 2005

I have had this trouble with this board ..(hanging on boot) eventualy I managed a clean boot up by flashing the bios is easy to do,,simply remove the jumper for few seconds .wait a few moments and then replace it ... it explains all this in the motherboard book ..

  woodchip 20:51 26 Oct 2005

That does not flash the BIOS. It clears the BIOS settings

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