AsRock Bios

  bob's 22:20 10 Jan 2006

I have a AsRock K7S8X motherboard and i was having a problem installing Suse Linux 9.2.I was advised on a forum to update the Bios which i did only to find it was not a Bios problem at all.Now when i turn on my computer it tries to start but stops and shows no signal for the monitor on the screen.If you hold the power button down for five seconds to turn off the power and restart it boots up perfectly.If you select restart it closes down and you have to go through the same procedure to get it to hold the power button down for five seconds and then reboot.It is not a major problem only that when you try a system restore and it tries to reboot you have to do the same again and it will not restore.I think my old Bios was 1.3 and the one i am using now is 2.6. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  ade.h 22:38 10 Jan 2006

For everyone except those with DualBIOS boards:

make sure you download an older version of your BIOS - your current version if at all possible - in case the new version causes unforseen problems. It makes it easy to roll back.

In you case, bob's, I would suggest switching off the PC at the mains and taking out the CMOS battery (a large watch battery) and then reset the jumper, which should be next to it, as per the motherboard manual.

  ade.h 22:40 10 Jan 2006

This will at least reset the BIOS to its default settings and MAY possibly provide a way out. If not, download your old version and try to re-flash the chip.

  bob's 22:41 10 Jan 2006

Thanks I will try it tomoprrow.The moral of the story is do not touch the Bios

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