ASR does it work for Raid 0

  Gedrog 20:51 10 Jan 2004

Hi there maybe someone can help me with this one. I have a raid 0 configuration with 2 Serial ATA hard drives and a silicon immage controller. I have used ASR ( Automatic system recovery ) Wich is a feature in Windows XP pro to make a backup of my hard drive I have not being successfull in doing so I have followed all the steps as per the ASR recovery procedure but to no avail.

  oglemire 21:51 10 Jan 2004

how does the asr disk creation fail ?

you probably know this already but asr will not backup your files and documents, only system files your registry db and com+ data. asr is best used on server 2003 to aid disaster recovery as on this product it also will backup sysvol Active Directory and the certficate services db. most xp pro users would be better to use the backup wizard on nt backup to select important data and in the worse case restore the data after reloadeding in th event of a disaster

  Gedrog 16:05 11 Jan 2004

The backup was done successfully But allas when trying to restore it it was no good.

Right Comming to restoring the backup I booted from the XP CD and waited till it asked me for the SCSI controller wich is F6 and then once the option for ASR restore comes up pressed F2.
It continues to load all the necassary things and then asks me for the raid controller driveradded it slotted the disk in. loads up the driver. Then it asks me for the floppy that was made with the ASR backup. everything goes smoothly however a weird thing starts happening instaed of formatting the Raid drive as a whole it will format each one of the two seperately. Weird. but ok. Then it loads up all the files. and starts windows setup. It comes to the installation and starts of it gets to the point installing hardware configuration and reports may Raid driver is not digitally sighned no problem there just accept it as usual then it completes it telling me twice about the not digitally sighned Driver completes hardware installation. And then it reboots. And I do not select Boot from CD again but hard drive but it then comes up NTDLR file missing. Now it is supose to ask me at the point of installing windows to be pointed to the backup file but it doesnt instaed it reboots and come back trying to reinstall everything this time pointing to my storage drives..
Setup is Asus A7N8X Mobo Sil 3112 and two SATA Western Digital raptors in raid 0 config. XP3200

And to your the remark above I am fully aware of these situations that was all I wanted to do restore the system to original config with settings in place. Hours of config will now have gone to waist if I cant get it to work.

  Chegs ® 18:10 11 Jan 2004

I have found the only backup prog that can be got to work properly with SATA is DriveImage2002.As long as I create the Recovery Floppies on the SATA puter.

If your image recovery comes up with NTLDR missing/corrupt message,this and several others can be replaced via the "Recovery Console" which is quicker used rather than (as I often had to do,until I got DI working on this setup) reinstall XP+ apps from scratch. :-)

  Gedrog 09:46 12 Jan 2004

I have just recently ordered this p[roduct and I think this one is part of the package. Wich OS are u Using Chegs do u recon this will finish the job

  Gedrog 09:48 12 Jan 2004

Sadly I am currently having to rebuild the whole PC from scratch and it is going to take me ages.

  Chegs ® 12:20 12 Jan 2004

I use XP Home,DI 2002 doesn't work on XP according to Powerquest,but create the Rescue Floppies and set puter to boot from A:/ and off it goes.I have tried Acronis TrueImage/Ghost/DI 7/EzeeBackup,etc but since I changed over to SATA hdd's I have had very little success imaging the hdd.I also discovered at xmas that one of my 120Gb SATA hdd's(just over six mths old)is heading for disaster,and am busy trying to locate a hdd testing/recovery tool that could point me to where its actually failing(if it is,as if I dont load OS onto it,it works great,or occasionally read/write "stutters")

  Gedrog 04:55 14 Jan 2004

Thanks mate someone here wanted to get Norton Ghost to recover backup his stuff Ill let him know it doesnt work on SATA.

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