ASR with backup on same drive

  GrahamP 00:10 03 May 2004

I was attempting to restore my system from an ASR backup on a separate partition on the same drive, which I've done several times before.

This time I note it warns me that all partitions on my hard drive will be deleted and the data lost. I don't believe this is always the case and it may be because I have changed partition sizes and added a new partition since I took the backup.

Question 1, therefore, is how can I get round this and cause it only to restore the C (system) partition?

Question 2. If it's going to delete all the partitions and data this time, presumably that means it will delete the backup partition as well. Is it possible to restore at all in that case?

Question 3. The additional partition contains Virtual PC images over 2G each. How could I back these up to CD?

  GrahamP 23:07 16 May 2004

1 - you might be able to get round it by editing the asr.sif file on the floppy but goodness knows where you will find a detailed description of the format.

2 - copy the .bkf ASR file off to another disk first, let ASR reformat and repartition the C drive to the same state when the backup was taken, when it calls for the restore you could try pointing it to the other disk but it won't recognise it so you'll have to reinstall Windows first then copy the .bkf back again to it's original location then repeat the ASR restore.

3 - any files over 800MB you'd better likewise copy to another disk if you haven't got tape or DVD-R

  GrahamP 23:07 16 May 2004

Thanks GrahamP. That's exactly what I did.

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