Asquared scan?

  swanny3 15:25 05 Oct 2004

hi there ive just done the scan on me win/me..
and the results showed i had 5 ports open they had red text at the side of the write up as im new too this is it anything too worry about? .
also it said vb script is activated also invocation os securex controlis activated whatever that is.. am i ok. just a littlw worried as i dont know what it means. tx
the ports open where
53,80 1025,3128, 8080.

  rawprawn 15:31 05 Oct 2004

How did you do an online scan using A²

  rawprawn 15:33 05 Oct 2004

OK I have seen it, I will have a look.

  swanny3 15:36 05 Oct 2004

cheers m8

  rawprawn 16:06 05 Oct 2004

Well all my ports are closed with no problems, I am on Win XP SP2. I don't know much about ME so perhaps someone else can help, but are all your security patches up to date. The VB Script is not a problem.

  dagwoood 16:13 05 Oct 2004

swanny3, do you have a firewall installed? If you have, it can't be configured correctly as no ports should be showing.

If you haven't got a firewall, I'd download and install one, Zonealarm is quite good and automaticaly stealths all your ports.


P.S.You can download Zonealarm from here click here

  swanny3 16:33 05 Oct 2004

ye i got zone alarm mate..

  rawprawn 16:41 05 Oct 2004

When you do an online scan with A² it tells you to turn your firewall Off. Did you do that ? and also make sure you are using Inrenet Explorer

  swanny3 16:53 05 Oct 2004

yes i turned it offmate an i am using micro int ex win /me

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