Asquared Free Not updating

  Billawa 22:01 26 Jun 2009

I had Asquared Free installed and it worked. I then downloaded an updated version. Now it refuses to update "Cannot connect to the server" is the immediate message. I have unionstalled it, downloaded a new version but the same message comes up immediately despite being connected to the internet.

I have Windows XP SP3, Zone Alarm, On Line Armour firewall.

Anyone else with the same problem? When uninstalling the manufacturer automatically wants to know why. Interestingly one of the reasons they suggest is that "it will not update". SDoes this indicate a problem, I wonder?

  provider 2 22:13 26 Jun 2009

Updated mine at 4.30 pm today without any problem except that it was quite a big update ... my fault mainly since I hadn`t updated it for ten days or so.

Perhaps if you try again later it will be successful.

  T I M B O 22:30 26 Jun 2009

I used to use a-squared, but this software i have found to be packed. This means that basically its not safe software. You can download process explorer and check out whats happening on your pc >> click here

The other alternative is malwarebytes >> click here

  provider 2 22:35 26 Jun 2009

A-squared not safe? click here

  cocteau48 07:24 27 Jun 2009

provider 2

"except that it was quite a big update ."

A-squared now appears to download the complete database file,which is getting bigger all the time, every time that you update.

  Billawa 17:15 27 Jun 2009

Thanks to everyone. I will try again and hope that it works this time. Nice to know that the programme had such a good report.

  provider 2 23:06 27 Jun 2009

Billawa, cocteau48

I`ve been looking in the A-squared forum to see what`s being said about updating problems and I thought you might like to see this response:

"Mainly it depends on type of connection.
Sometimes the server(s) are overloaded.
Another thing to know is – the Signatures for the second engine (Ikarus) are kept in a single file T3sigs.vdb, which is currently ~36MB.

Usually you will get small differential updates of a-squared and Ikarus signatures (called Additional Signatures)
Ikarus differential updates are, say ~ 100KB (bit more or less), but if you missed 15 subsequent updates you will receive whole file.

Since there is no scheduled / auto-updates in a2-Free, it is recommended manually update on a regular frequent basis especially if you have slow connection (e.g dial-up)

Sometimes (not very often) bigger cumulative updates are issued irrespectively."

Frankly, I don`t think this Ikarus differential updating option is working very well but there is a workaround, apparently. If you allow the 36 MB update to start, then cancel it you can try again immediatly, whereupon you will get the 100-200 KB update in a matter of seconds.

Hopefully A-squared will come up with a proper soluton for this soon. The alternative, I think, is to update at least once daily.

  provider 2 10:28 28 Jun 2009


Updated A-squared free this morning at 9.30 am.

Only 204 KB but it was very slow and stopped altogether at one point. Server overload again, I think, and it`s probably best to wait until late morning or early afternoon, perhaps to avoid competing with users in the USA ... I`ve found Ms sites can be slow at at that time too.

  T I M B O 10:33 28 Jun 2009

Yes, unsafe. Download & install>>click here

  provider 2 10:39 28 Jun 2009

No, not unsafe, that`s far too strong a criticism.

This is simply a glitch and not uncommon when a program is proven to be so effective and popular that large numbers of people want to use it (for free).

  T I M B O 10:45 28 Jun 2009

I shall wait till this glitch they have had for over 8 months has been fixed. I did inform emsisoft of this glitch.

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