Aspect ratio cropping of images

  chesterfield 09:32 21 Mar 2010

Im looking for software or even an online solution to cropping images whilst maintaining an aspect ratio of my choosing. Photoshop offers this but I need something much cheaper or preferably free.

To clarify, I want to be able to -

- open an image
- set my aspect ratio in pixels
- drag a box over the image to select the section I want to crop. This box needs to maintain my selected aspect ratio of course!
- crop the selection
- resize the image to the dimensions matching the selected aspect ratio

Any advice much appreciated.

  chesterfield 16:14 21 Mar 2010

Its not that easy to find software that does this believe me. There's lots of software and even some online editing solutions that offer aspect ratio cropping but they dont always give you either the option to select which part of the image you want to crop or they give you predefined "popular" aspect ratios and dont allow you to set your own.

If youve had practical experience of something that does all this let me know!


  cycoze 21:31 21 Mar 2010

Try Irfanview click here .

  chesterfield 21:35 21 Mar 2010

Thanks for the suggestion but that wont do it - Ive tried it.

  MAJ 14:47 23 Mar 2010 click here will do it for you, chesterfield.

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