ASP for registration form , login , and booking

  blurdevil 07:09 03 Jul 2005

I would like to create a page with the Asp coding inside include a database connection to connect between registration form , login and bookin system ...

do u guyz out there have any step by step that i can read and learn , simple plain english ??

thankz a lot ...

  Taran 00:21 25 Jul 2005

What is your preferred web authoring software, do you have a Windows IIS web host available who can provide your ASP support and an Access or MS SQL database, and how much of this are you prepared to learn or do you want a step by step walk through ?

User registration and log in is relatively easy. A booking system though ?

To book what, where, when and how ?

Will payments be taken ?

If so have you considered payment gateway providors ?

There's a lot more to your questions than appears obvious.

More detail is required before something close to a solution can be suggested.


  Muslimat79 10:12 29 Jul 2005

I think what blurdevil wants is normal asp registration, login code. The booking is also normal as in booking a hotel (registration, reservation, and checking in). If it's Flight, reservation and others. I believe this is what blurdevil wants or needs.

  Taran 00:23 30 Jul 2005

I've never encountered a 'normal' registration, log in or booking system yet, hence my request for more detail.

User registration, just for the sake of argument, could include:

User name, password, password hint question, name, surname, initial, salutation, email address, first line of address, second line of address, town or city, county, postcode, country, telephone number (inc STD code), mobile phone number etc.

Which database fields would be used ?

Which would not be required ?

Are thereothers I've not mentioned above that could be useful to the particular user registration in question ?

Booking systems are a huge undertaking too. I'm not even going to start listing just some of the data fields you might want to include, and booking a hotel could not be further from flights or other modes of transport.

Take a small hotel project as an example.

How many rooms are there ?

Are the rooms named, numbered or both ?

Can different rooms be priced at one of several rates or are all rooms the same per person per night ?

I mentioned perhaps the biggest consideration of all in my first addition to this thread when I asked whether payments would be processed. If so, who with ?

Log in, registration, booking system and so on are each potentially huge questions and projects.

Since all software requirements differ wildly, depending on requirements, this could be why I've yet to see a 'normal' user registration, log in and booking system.

Some people want their users to register a username and password without supplying anything other than a valid email address in return. Others may want the full name, address, telephone number and whatnot of their users. Booking a room is not the same as booking a flight by any stretch of the imagination.

I'd hate to offer a simple username/password via email address user registration system only to find that far more is actually required.

The Devil's in the detail for projects like this. Get it right before you start writing code and you're good to go, but until all the details are present and correct nobody can do anything other than guess at what might be required.


  blurdevil 18:00 30 Jul 2005

Taran , Muslimat , thankz for the teachings and info ... =D

I will look through what i needed and look for u guyz , thankz

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