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  Mr A! 17:05 14 Aug 2005

I have designed an internal intranet system for a business and am looking for a free asp email system to include in the system. Can anybody help as I am finding it really hard to find one.

There's bound to be one out there somewhere!!!

Thanks In Advance.

  Forum Editor 19:20 14 Aug 2005
  Mr A! 20:29 15 Aug 2005

myself more clear. I am looking for a free asp email system which can be used to send, receive and store email sent internally via a database (over a computer network intranet). A bit like web-mail.

  Taran 22:13 15 Aug 2005

Take your pick: click here

Or go to Google and use this as your search parameter:


Frankly, I'd be more interested in writing my own application to do EXACTLY what is required or integrating a paid for, feature rich, secure solution. It's often more work than its worth trying to shoehorn a precoded application into your own requirements.

If you've designed an intranet then a webmail application should prove no real hurdle to you.

Any capable intranet should include a mail application and (preferably) some sort of user messaging system as well, at least for admin purposes but also very useful where collaboration in workgroups is concerned - arguably one of the most important reasons to validate the requirement for an intranet to begin with.

Does the system have to be ASP based ?

Most IIS servers will run PHP quite happily, and with the exception of some unusual behaviour from one or two of the more advanced and little used PHP commands, it would be a simple enough matter to integrate a PHP email system into an ASP based intranet or CMS. You'll find tons of PHP webmail scripts on Sourceforge and Hotscripts and some of them have evolved to the point where they are often used on commercial web servers.

Before you get cranked up with this one, you should also specify whether or not you want something that uses CDONTS or CDOSYS. Programming the two is a very different kettle of fish and, despite rumours to the contrary, you'll find yourself out of your depth pretty sharpish if you try to port same/similar code from one to another. Granted, CDONTS and CDOSYS are primarily for form to email handling, but they may also play an important role in a webmail application, depending on how you want to handle things.

I'd take a very long, hard think about what you want to actually do with this. If it is in any way a commercial application you will find that most 'free' systems will require a link or banner back to their own site - not too impressive as far as your client is concerned.

What is your goal state ?

Try click here - they do a 'lite' version of their email app and it's a slick bit of coding if ever I saw it. Not free since you have to pay for a core supporting element, but still worth looking at.

An ASP.NET tutorial on webmail is available click here and could be broadly adapeted back to plain vanilla ASP with a bit of imagination and some code jiggery pokery.

Just one final point, although I could go on for quite a while on this one:

I'd give some strong consideration to splitting your intranet database into multiples if you want a fully fledged webmail application. Nothing carries the same risks as an email system and including it as an integral part of your core system data store could lead to tears.

I'd also give even more consideration to not using a database at all, or at least not using one in the way you mention. Any half baked IIS web server will have full SMTP and POP available and it would make far more sense to leverage the power and capabilities of them than run an Access/MS SQL database store for emails. This works whether the system is entirely inward facing or not.


  Mr A! 08:23 16 Aug 2005

just what I need and may program my own system in the near future.

Thanks once again

  Taran 18:45 16 Aug 2005

If you don't mind indulging us, could you explain what you used and why, just so that anyone who finds this thread in a future search may have similar luck with your discovery.

I'm glad you got sorted but curious to know what you used.


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