Asking for permission

  Bodice 19:29 31 Mar 2005

How do I give each pc permission to access files and what does the term no network path mean as both pc are connected to the internet??

  Forum Editor 23:49 31 Mar 2005

or a wired one?

You'll need to run the networking wizard on both machines. Make sure you give each computer a unique name, but use the same work group name (MSHOME by default) on both.

Then enable sharing on any files and/or folders which you want to share between computers. If you're sharing an Internet connection on these computers do NOT enable sharing on the root of a drive. i.e. don't share the whole of the C drive for instance. You enable sharing by right-clicking on the file or folder and selecting properties. Then select the sharing tab and choose the appropriate settings.

  Bodice 00:48 01 Apr 2005

Thank you for your response, (it is wireless)
I have tried all of that and it just doesnt work.
I think im just rubbish at all of this.

  stebinnersley 18:24 01 Apr 2005

i have similar probs, what i had to do to see the drives that i was sharing and get access to them was...My Computer,tools,map network drive \\computer name\name of the folder you are sharing

  Bodice 20:32 01 Apr 2005


  macyorky 21:53 02 Apr 2005

I have been having the same problems just tried the my computer route still no joy grrrrrrr

  Bodice 21:57 02 Apr 2005

I know its very frustrating. I feel like ive done everything i can but still cant get there.

  Forum Editor 01:11 03 Apr 2005

your setup precisely? You say that both PCs are connected to the Internet, and you've confirmed that you're using a wireless connection. I assume this means that you have a wireless router, and that both computers have wireless network adapters - is that correct?

Do you have firewalls running on both machines?

  macyorky 23:12 03 Apr 2005

yes I have a wireless router DSL604T and a d link wireless adapter didnt know I needed adapters with this set up. Both computers have fire walls but I turned then off and then put the router and computer IPs in the trusred zones fire walls are norton and windows

  Forum Editor 23:29 03 Apr 2005

I was actually asking Bodice, whose thread this is. It's best not to hijack someone else's thread, it leads to confusion - as you can see.

  macyorky 23:38 03 Apr 2005

Sorry about that

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