Asian 'Microsoft Help Desk' ??

  lucky1 19:37 05 Oct 2010

This morning my good lady was surfing on her laptop when she received a call from an obvisouly Asain gentleman called Gary who stated he was from the Windows Help Desk. He addressed my wife by her surname and asked if she knew that her computer was infected by viruses and other bugs and that she had visited a site which had caused the problem aqnd that everyone was watching what she was doing. My wife said that I knew more about computers (little does she know!) and I would be in later. She ended the call and and immediately hit the power off button.
When I came home she was shaking and related the tale of woe. I carried out a full virus scan of the machine which indicated no problems. I also ran Malwarebytes and CCleaner, again with no problems.
Around 5pm I took a call from another Asian sounding gentleman called Adam who told me the same story. I asked if he worked for Microsoft and he relpied 'sort of' and he would 'soon get rid of the problems'. I, probably foolishly, hung up. 1471 did not have the callers number.

Sorry to go on, but has anybody else had similar calls, and also, how on earth did they get our name and telephone number?

  lotvic 19:47 05 Oct 2010

No you were not foolish to hang up. You were very wise.
It is a well known scam, they get you to do certain 'tests' on your pc and eventually offer you their Remote Control so that they can 'fix' your pc for you.
They certainly fix it alright, they mess it up and take your bank details either from the pc and/or get you to give them to them to pay for their 'service'

It is a complete SCAM to defraud you.

There is no way Microsoft know what state your pc is in, nor are they interested to know or would ring you up, think about it, how would they know your telephone number?

The scammers often call people who don't even have a pc.

  lotvic 19:52 05 Oct 2010

read this article in The Guardian click here

Virus phone scam being run from call centres in India

Britons targeted by cold callers pretending to be from Microsoft phoning to fix a fake computer problem

  johndrew 19:55 05 Oct 2010

Wise move to hang up and not let the likes of these get into your PC.

Given they claimed to work for MS (sort of), it may be worth letting their Support know click here with as many details as you can supply.

In the event they call again perhaps you could try asking for an e-mail address or 'phone number to contact them on as you 'need to go out urgently for a few minutes'. If they offer to call back accept the call but make certain you have recording (paper/pencil or tape) material available. A further call to your 'phone line supplier immediately after may also prove useful as they can record the number (maybe) even if they wont give it to you.

Though somehow I don't think they will call again.

  lucky1 20:03 05 Oct 2010

Thanks for your words of comfort which I've shown to the Missus. However, she says she will never use a computer again. She now tells me that, when she got the call, she was looking at our Church website!!

  lotvic 20:10 05 Oct 2010

Your good lady is probably still in shock.
She did the right and sensible thing not doing what they wanted her to when she got the phone call. Has your good lady read the article in The Guardian that I posted the link for?
That should (eventually) give her peace of mind that she is safe using her laptop.

  lucky1 20:29 05 Oct 2010

Yes, she has thanks lotvic. Think she'll soon be back surfing again.

  lucky1 20:57 05 Oct 2010

johndrew, have taken your advice, and let Microsoft know what happened. Thanks.

  KremmenUK 06:47 06 Oct 2010

I want a phone call :-)

I would try and keep them on the line for hours if I could.

  wiz-king 08:00 06 Oct 2010

Just say " I think you must be mistaken, I use Linux not Windows - Goodbye"

  provider 2 10:39 06 Oct 2010

You might like to see what Microsoft has to say about this and similar telephone scams: click here

I`ve had these calls too, ten of them in two batches if I remember rightly, separated by a month or so. These people don`t give up easily once they`ve got hold of your telephone number.

How they managed to do that, I don`t know but the calls started after I put my name on a petition submitted to No. 10 Downing Street, which also required a telephone number.
Coincidence? I don`t know.

I make it a point never to respond to this kind of "cold calling" but just putting down the phone may not be enough. Perhaps, as wiz-king says, telling them you use Linux would be more effective or maybe saying they must be mistaken, you don`t have a computer.

BT told me they were unable to block this kind (of international) call yet, but they are working on it.

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