Ashampoo PowerUp 2009

  ElayEss 15:55 31 Jan 2009

Trying to install this from the current issue (165) of the DVD.
I am running XP Pro, SP3 on a Compaq Evo 510ff 2GHz with 1GB Ram and 80GB HDD.
I am told that .NET Framework v2 is required and asked if I want to download it. So I download and run to install.I then get a screen asking me to select repair or uninstall .NET Framework v2, I select repair and then return to the PowerUp screen and select to install for Windows and get the whole rigmarole coming up again.
Anyone any ideas please?

  provider 2 16:05 31 Jan 2009

This could be quite a problem because, if I remember correctly, v2 of .NET requires v1 as a foundation to build upon and now if you have v2 Ms is advising installation of v3 or v3.5, I think it is ... see threads on this page.

  ElayEss 16:48 01 Feb 2009

I managed to solve this problem by downloading and installing SP1 for NET Framework v2. That was already installed on my PC since middle of last year!
In view of all the postings regarding v3.5, I've decided to give installing that a miss until later on.

  provider 2 23:17 01 Feb 2009

Good idea, the SP 1 for v2, I mean.

Regarding v3.5, I think that too requires that you are up to date with the service packs for v2 and v3, but I may be wrong about this. I`m basing it on the fact that Defense+ of my Comodo firewall kept objecting that files for v3 were about to be changed and was it allowed.

I`m not unusually diligent in keeping up with these things, it`s just that always tells me when an update for the .Net framework is available and I download it. I have whole heap of them now, mostly in response to updates.

Will you come back and tell us how you are getting on with Ashampoo PowerUp 2009? I quite like the look of some of its features.

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