Ashampoo Magic Defrag

  jaffa43 11:33 15 Jan 2007

I installed Ashampoo Magic Defrag from the March edition of PC Advisor cover dvd.Can anyone tell me if there is a way to force the program to just get on with the job and run ? At the moment it loads at startup and runs in the background,but only when no other process is running.All you have to do is move the mouse or press a key and it pauses Magic Defrag.After three days running it has only moved 2189 files,at this rate it will take nearly a month to complete.All i want is for the program to get on with the job and finish,i thought Windows defrag was slow but boy oh boy it's lighting compared to this prog.Any help/suggestions gratefully received.

  rawprawn 11:40 15 Jan 2007

You haven't by any chance hit the pause button? Mine defragged very quickly and I am happy with it.
The only other thing I can think of is how badly was your HD fragmented?

  jaffa43 11:49 15 Jan 2007

No i haven't hit the pause buttin mate.My drive is pretty well full and after un-installing some apps etc i decided to defrag the drive.Windows reported not enough free space to run the operation properly so i installed Magic Defrag.It does run but ONLY when the pc is left totally idle,as i need the pc for work related stuff this is not always possible.I was hoping to make it run the full course,so to speak,so then i could get on with work,but i can't find a way to get the prog to do just that.

  Stuartli 11:54 15 Jan 2007
  spikepix 11:56 15 Jan 2007

Just a guess - if you are running an anti virus prog , switch it off while defrag's running

  Input Overload 12:08 15 Jan 2007

If you have little free space that will slow any defragger down.

  jaffa43 12:35 15 Jan 2007

I was down to 7% free space on an 80gig hard drive (work files lol).I left the prog to run on it's own but after 40 minutes i had to get back to finishing some work items.The prog showed no sign of finishing the task but i could wait no longer.It is no doubt good at what it does but i just wish there was a way to make it do a full defrag without stopping and starting so often,in the 40 mins i watched it,it stopped for no reason about 12 times then continued after a few minutes.I suppose i'll have to look for another defrag prog that will do what it says on the tin lol.Thanks for the suggestions guys,appreciate your time.

  rawprawn 13:48 15 Jan 2007

My suggestion to help you is to download Diskeeper Lite click here
Run it until everything is defragged then switch back to Ashampoo Magicfrag, and let it then keep your disc defragged easily.

  johnem 13:50 15 Jan 2007

If it is possible, re-start puter in Safe Mode and leave running overnight with defrag operating. Remeber to disable any scheduled tasks or auto updates. This should reduce the number of restarts encountered.

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