Argh im all paranoid!!

  ikle_pixie 01:03 06 Mar 2003

My boyfriend has just started using an FTP on my pc. He said we needed a firewall so we put one on. We didnt configure it properly and i left the FTP on over night. When i looked in the morning, it said there had been one attack and the program would no longer let me do anything as administrator, like someone had changed my password...

So we reinstalled the Firewall and have kept it running. So far it says 9 intrustions have been stopped and the firewall has stopped one access attempt.

Because we formatted the other night i had to set my outlook up again. The first message that arrived freaked me says

"Hi,This is a funny game
This game is my first work.
You're the first player.
I expect you would like it."

I dont know the e-mail address...i think its american...

Should i be like really it possible someone can still be able to access my machine? i usually check my bank on here but im too scared to now...

Am i just being really paranoid and weird!?!?!?!

  Terrahawk 01:16 06 Mar 2003

if your boyfriend is running ftp server configure it not to allow anonymous logon unless he really has to allow it
also if you are worried about how effective your firewall is this site will run a check on it
click here

  Djohn 01:22 06 Mar 2003

No your not paranoid, but with a FTP program on your PC. you are allowing other people access to your system, That's what it's for.

If the firewall is reporting attempts to gain access, and denying same, then it's doing it's job correctly, as for the e-mail regarding, "Hi,This is a funny game", I would delete this without opening it. J.

  square eyes 01:22 06 Mar 2003

Yeah, strange message, run an anti-virus scan to be sure. I see alot of crap coming into my inbox and i delete every single one of them and they should not be opened. I assume that message was the heading and not the email itself and always have the preview pane enabled so the emails aren't opened without your instruction.

Hope thats useful.
p.s. i have Sygate firewall and i have twice had the message "someone is scanning your computer", hows that for scary but on both occasions i had a program running called gamespy which periodicaly scans my computer for games which alerts my firewall. Don't be too scared when these happen and to be honest, like myself we should read up on program to really understand for when/if the real threats do occur.


  ikle_pixie 01:27 06 Mar 2003

hmm so can people only get on while the FTP is ive left a door open...or can they get on at anytime...

  ikle_pixie 01:31 06 Mar 2003

so the preview pane isnt actually the same as opening the message?

  powerless 01:47 06 Mar 2003

They can get on if they know what port the FTP is using. Even then they have to know what to do.

When you allow the FTP acces you allow acces both ways...

Its like your Internet Explorer, you send a request out, the information has to come back and be allowed passed the firewall for you to view it.

I think ikle_pixie you are using Zonealarm?

Well i have been connected to the internet now for (just under) 13 hours and Zonealrm reports 1399 Access points. If i look at my log this is what the 1399th says...

"ZoneAlarm has blocked access to port 3767 on your computer"...

What happened?

"ZoneAlarm blocked traffic to port 3767 on your machine from port 4754 on a remote computer whose IP address is This communication attempt may have been a port scan, or simply one of the millions of unsolicited commercial or network control messages that are routinely sent out over the Internet. Such unsolicited messages are often called Internet background noise."

I ver much doubt what you experienced was an attck from someone so to speak, i think it was just a coincidence. As a forum member on here says Gandalph why would anyone want to look at your computer? (more or so words).

If you have formatted then you have gotten rid of any malicous programs that could have been left on your computer.

Set your firewall up and leave it stopping all those Attempted pretty legit connectionns and live in peace.

Dont worry about the email its probablt spam, it contains a virus your scanner will pick it up before it can do harm...
Run your antivirus scanner...


  ikle_pixie 01:54 06 Mar 2003

lol thanks Powerless. You are indeed correct it is Zonealarm. I've heard before that a firewall can tell you all about these "attacks" when they are nothing at all.

I'm not usually one for panic when it comes to stuff like this, i think its all the freaky coincedences ive had. I did actually say to my boyfriend "who would wanna come on my pc anyway"....Oh well...i'll blame my hormones or something.?.. :p

  powerless 02:06 06 Mar 2003

In Zonealarm on the left click on "Alerts and logs" ...Make sure your looking at "log viewer" (top right)

Right click one of the entries then click more info...

Zonealarm will tell you what is was.

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