ARGGHH HELP! Can't boot up ir reinstall xp!

  GINSOAKEDGIRL 16:46 13 Jan 2003
  GINSOAKEDGIRL 16:46 13 Jan 2003

Help!!! I downloaded WinRoute onto my parents main pc to try and restore their network, it requested that I reboot when it had downloaded, which I did. On reboot, the pc got as far as the black XP screen (with the coloured moving bar at the bottom) and it restarted again. This continued to happen in a loop. I couldn't get it to safe mode or anything so I put the restore disk in to to a reinstall of XP, hoping to get it to sort out whatever settings had been altered. It does about 5 minutes of the XP setup, and then it restarts. The pc is the Medion one which pc world were doing for £799 a little while ago. Can't remember the spec, but suffice to say it's not an old pc and pretty fast. Please help!!!

  internetevil 16:54 13 Jan 2003

sounds like it is a hardware fault (hdd or mem) if it bombs out of flat xp install.
makesure you format the drive/partion during the installtion of xp, if still no change it cant really be software errors!

you should contact pc world and get it sorted under the warrenty if it is new/in warrenty

  GINSOAKEDGIRL 17:02 13 Jan 2003

OK, thanks for that internetevil, I can't remember how long ago they bought it, have a horrible feeling it was november before last. Don't know how I manage to screw up other people's pc's and mine seems to survive....
I'l find out how long ago they bought it. Cheers

  spikeychris 17:26 13 Jan 2003

Can you get to "Safe mode with command prompt", ie: pressing the F8 key at bootup?


  GINSOAKEDGIRL 17:38 13 Jan 2003

no, tried that and also ctrl but neither worked, nightmare :-(

  internetevil 18:49 13 Jan 2003

D'Oh! (i think i know that feeling!!)

  GINSOAKEDGIRL 18:54 13 Jan 2003

Well, I have a pretty good feeling that the thing is still in warranty, so it looks like I'll be making a trip to PC World tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens! Next time I say I'm going to help someone sort out their pc, tell me not to be so silly!! :-)

  GINSOAKEDGIRL 18:41 28 Feb 2003

Just thought I'd post a bit of a follow up to this one. We found out the problem in the end. It seems that in an attempt to rid us of the 'blue screen of death' in XP, Microsoft replaced it with a very odd sequence which seems to have been the cause. On detection of an error at boot up, the pc writes a log to memory and then restarts...of course, when it restarts, it detects the error again and this cycle can be unbreakable as it was in my case as any attempts to reach safe mode failed. You can disable this cycle if you right click my computer and choose properties, then choose the advanced tab then click settings. Under the start up and recovery option you will see a few options there. Make sure 'Write a system event to the system log' is checked and uncheck the 'automaticaly restart' option. This will mean you can view the blue screen of death not that it'll make sense but it might give you something further to work on.

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