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  babes250 17:58 31 Aug 2007

Hello everyone, i'm new to the site so i hope i have the correct sub-forum, anyway here goes....

How can i set my pc security settings so that no-one can track which area i'm from? For example i have a tracker on my myspace page which enables me to see who's been visiting my profile from their area codes, is there anyway that i could change my settings so it wouldn't come up as *birmingham* or whichever county i'm from?

Any replies will be greatly appreciated x

  Jackcoms 18:23 31 Aug 2007

Welcome to PCA Forums.

However, there is absolutely no need to duplicate your post in different Forums click here

  Jackcoms 18:27 31 Aug 2007
  ambra4 22:07 31 Aug 2007

He not only Duplicate posting he did in all forums

click here

  woodchip 22:22 31 Aug 2007

Is this what you mean, to cover you while you surf?
click here

"PCMesh Anonymous Web Surfing" at the top of the list

  tullie 12:28 01 Sep 2007

FE,can you delete some of these duplicates,its shambolic

  babes250 17:27 03 Sep 2007

Jeez, calm down everyone!!

I'm obviously new to the forum therefore i didn't know how it worked, i wanted a response to my post therefore i posted in a few other sub-forums thinking they'd attract different groups.

Just delete them, quite simple really and a few duplicate posts aren't the be all and end all of everything is it?

Feel free to delete my account, i definitely won't be visiting back again!!!!!

  Jackcoms 17:33 03 Sep 2007

Before you dash off in a huff have you actually tried any of the suggestions, in answer to your question, which several of us have made?

  babes250 17:35 03 Sep 2007

I can't see any suggestions??

  babes250 17:37 03 Sep 2007

Just found them, thanks for those who replied.

  Jackcoms 17:39 03 Sep 2007

What about the link in my post of 31/8 at 18:27 and woodchip's link in his post of 31/8 at 22:22??

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