are your temperatures ok?

  dfghjkl 20:15 20 Aug 2004

hello all,just wondering if your pc,s are getting too hot with the recent heat,mine is now unafected now i have drilled a hole in the side of the case and fitted a fan to take the heat straight out from by the cpu and graphics card.i now have 45c and about 49c under load.i was getting 55c to 60c before the mod.

  richard_s 20:25 20 Aug 2004

Mine is not to bad. Motherboard 32c, cpu 46c. The comuter has been on all day, think this is alright for a barton cpu.

  Totally-braindead 20:30 20 Aug 2004

Mines fine thank you for asking, temps are up about 1-2 degrees higher than they were when it was cooler but still well with limits, now running at 49c for Cpu, also a Barton processor.

  dfghjkl 21:44 20 Aug 2004

should have known better,i have a 2500+ barton,and a fx5700 graphics card with a fan, clocked from 250/400 to 400/500 so pushing out a bit of extra heat.i have an intake fan at the bottom front,standard amd h/sink and fan,the psu at the top and my extra fan at the side next to the cpu.i have drilled a 90mm hole in my pc table unit at the side so i can put the pc next to the side and let the warm air escape.
i read that too many fans has an opposite effect and that constant uninterupted airflow is the most efficient way to go.i am very happy with my cooling without going to extremes and cost.

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