Are you a tinkerer?

  rawprawn 20:15 08 Dec 2007

I admit to tinkering when I shouldn't. I have a machine running sweet and quick, yet I either try to improve it, or download an unknown program to try. The result is often a catastrophe, with me having to resort to either Acronis or System Restore. I believe this malady to be an addiction, and I am going to make a New year Resolution to stop tinkering when all is well.
Does anyone else suffer this addiction and wish to join my "Tinkerers Anonymous" group on Jan 1st?

  MAJ 20:20 08 Dec 2007


".... wish to join my "Tinkerers Anonymous" group on Jan 1st"

No way, mate, I can give it up anytime I want....... I don't have a problem......I don' really, I don't.......... where's my comfort ethernet cable..............

  gudgulf 20:20 08 Dec 2007

I agree wholeheartedly.....your post describes me as well.

In fact I might join you in that New Years resolution........might just need a few ever so small revisions before Dec 31st though!

  skidzy 20:20 08 Dec 2007

Think most of us try things out Rawprawn,going about it in the correct way is what really matters.
Just like you,i create a new image and create a new system restore point prior to the download.

Luckily for me,i have built a test machine just for this purpose.
As you may well know,i am dual booting this test machine with PCLinuxOS 2007 and broke this a few times (linux) but plenty of fun along the way.

So i guess i am an official tinkerer Lol :-)))

  rawprawn 20:24 08 Dec 2007

It's nice to know that I am not alone!

  Technotiger 20:26 08 Dec 2007

The clubs motto could be *If it aint broke, don't fix it*

I plead guilty your honour LoL .......

  MAJ 20:26 08 Dec 2007

ya big cissies, bet ya's can't drink Whisky/Whiskey without a 'little splash of water' either. If you're gonna fiddle, then go bareback...............

Discclaimer: just messing of course, always backup. ;)

  [email protected] 20:30 08 Dec 2007

its a fair cop guv..guilty as charged

just started new job so tinkering will have to stop.

bit boring without the tinkering tho..Lol:-))

  skidzy 20:30 08 Dec 2007

Got me going for a second :-)))

Though i bet we all have tried something first without the backup procedure's and come unstuck somewhere along the line.

Guess thats why we backup now :-))

  john bunyan 20:33 08 Dec 2007

rawprawn. I plead guilty m'lud.Will join the TA (Tinkerer's Annonymous) in New Year - after I've installed a second hard drive in a removable caddy and bought Acronis True Image 11 etc !!!

  rawprawn 20:33 08 Dec 2007

Dutch courage? although I must confess to being more cavalier after a glass or three of Cote du Rhone!

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