Are you getting static shocks?

  Graham ® 20:25 19 Dec 2005

In the recent cold weather, the central heating is drying the air to such an extent I'm getting belts all the time - even from water coming from a tap! It's not caused by what I'm wearing (trust me!).

I mention this now for anyone opening up a PC to add 'presents' - if you move position, ground yourself again on the case before touching anything.

  csqwared 20:39 19 Dec 2005

and thanks. Thought for a minute we were going down the "sparky" post route. ;-))


  ableseas 20:44 19 Dec 2005

It could be from the carpets you maybe walking across.You build up the staic and it finds the best 'earthing' path (like touching a tap)to get released.

  john-232317 21:22 19 Dec 2005

I like the bit about the clothes you are wearing, I take it you watched the Myth Busters program on petrol station fires ;-0

Get your house electrics earth checked out ;-)

  wee eddie 08:29 20 Dec 2005

Man made fibres, in a carpet, can cause such a build up when the atmosphere is very dry.

  Stuartli 08:49 20 Dec 2005

Or even getting out of a car and touching the door handle...:-)

  rmcqua 08:51 20 Dec 2005

Yes, this is a problem, not just caused by the central heating drying out the air but because in winter anticyclonic air is usually very low in humidity. Anyone who has been to, e.g. Scandinavia or the northern USA/Canada in the winter will have had some cracking electric shocks!

  Graham ® 19:25 20 Dec 2005

I'm getting shocks from the cat, but she doesn't seem to feel anything!

  stalion 19:47 20 Dec 2005

I only get shocks when I receive my quarterly bills whilst in shock I remain static

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