Are We Boring?

  gudgulf 22:54 02 Feb 2004

I've just spent the last couple of hours cruising this forum,chipping-in where I can ,when my wife walks past with the comment "Still typing the same message then?". Insulted I replied that I was trying to perform a useful task solving other people's pc problems.

"Ah--anoraks on-line!" was the reply

Any comments??????

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:58 02 Feb 2004

'anoraks on-line'....only applies to threads containing the words/phrases....'future-proofing', 'AMD vs Pentuium' and 'Linux'...everything else saves people 50p/£1 minute phone calls to helplines ;-)))


  VoG II 22:59 02 Feb 2004

Erm "yes dear"?

  Rtus 22:59 02 Feb 2004

Boring Of course we are thats why theres SO many people here... ORF wiv her Head...LOL

  Belatucadrus 23:16 02 Feb 2004

I am and always have been profoundly and proudly, boring, stultifyingly dull, tiresome, tedious, yawn inducing, wearying and humdrum.

Not to mention verbose.

  wags 23:18 02 Feb 2004

Boring to some and fascinating to others :P

  sidecar sid 23:18 02 Feb 2004

Gauranteed to liven up any party then.

  Forum Editor 23:21 02 Feb 2004

I would have laughed at the thought of being the editor of a forum like this. The thought of thousands of people staring at screens late at night, and swapping tips and solutions about computing would have been inconceivable.

'Anoraks on-line' is a pretty apt description of us in my view, and it sounds to me as if you married the right woman.

  gudgulf 23:23 02 Feb 2004

I'm thinking of changing my screen name to "the insomniacs cure" lol

  gudgulf 23:29 02 Feb 2004

click here

I get all my clothes from here.

  Demora 23:30 02 Feb 2004


I Love it.

Beats playing with the remote (which I have custody of at the mo as DH is in the USA)

And whats tv anyway?

I love these forums and I love my pc (AMD partitioned with winXP and Linus)

And I don't own an anorak.


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