are touchscreens just a gadget or are they usefull

  wobbler 20:06 09 Sep 2009

time to update my pc and have seen a couple of touchscreens, Are they any good, for eg do they replace the mouse to some degree, so you can just touch an icon to open the app or window? Any advice appreciated

  Geeksy 21:26 09 Sep 2009

At the minute I think there just a gadget.
Why would you want your arm to be dangling to touch your screen when it can be rested on a table to move the mouse.

Windows 7 has been created with the thought of touch in mind but I dont think it will take off as quick as they think.


  sunnystaines 22:06 09 Sep 2009

played around with them in pcw i prefer keyboards.

  Stuartli 22:48 09 Sep 2009

Touch screens are nothing new, but it seems pointless to me to keep depositing potentially harmful finger oils on to the screen's surface, especially if it has, for instance, an anti-reflective coating.

  morddwyd 07:02 10 Sep 2009

Useful in some areas like handheld devices (satnav, mobile phones), maybe even on a laptop, but I remain to be convinced of their use on a PC.

Certainly in my set up I would have to stretch my arm across the (real) desktop to touch the screen, knocking stuff over (not coffee, of course, he lied!), and dragging papers off.

  crosstrainer 07:30 10 Sep 2009

I may seem a bit of a Luddite here, but I don't like the concept all. From a technology point of view, they will very soon wear out. From an office hygiene point of view....Well, no thanks.

I've dabbled in PDA's with touch screens, but always used the stylus...Can you imagine a teaching environment where 100 kids touch a computer screen each day?

Now that should spread flu very nicely I would think.

  BT 07:57 10 Sep 2009

When I was working, the process computers at our plant had touch screens combined with membrane key pads. You touched the screen to select a valve for instance, then pressed keys to choose what operation you wanted to initiate. They were very quick to use and most people tended to use the blunt end of their Bic to touch the screen.

  crosstrainer 08:02 10 Sep 2009

How long did the average screen last?

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