Are Tiscali Broadband telling Porkies

  geewis357 15:02 11 Jun 2005

Hi All,
I have been intouch with Tiscali over the past 3 days now and still geting the runeround. The other week I got a friend of mine up and running on the net, I also recomended he opt for the advertised 1mb conection and one week later the modem arived and I set him up no probs. I then realised that I was paying £5 a month more for half the speed, although I am closer to the exchange I dont get the extra speed. A tiscaly enginer says the line will take but the sales team says it wont. Is someone telling porky pies

  DieSse 15:31 11 Jun 2005

Is someone telling porky pies

Clearly they can't both be correct. Personally I'd trust the Engineer.

  geewis357 15:34 11 Jun 2005

You think as I do

  geewis357 15:38 11 Jun 2005

I wonder if there is a way I can check what bandwidth my line will take

  DieSse 15:40 11 Jun 2005

Try phoning Sales and telling them you live next door, and you haven't got BB - also say you've checked with an engineer at a friends house and he said your number would be OK - then see how keen they are to sign you up!

May prove instructive!

  geewis357 16:22 11 Jun 2005

I have just done what you sugested DieSse, the young lady in sales informed me my neigbour would have no problems sustaining a 2mb line, when I asked why I can't she spoke to a supervisor then told me there was no reason. Its just like that stupid advert on TV only For new customers only. What a rip off after 6years with the same ISP

  DieSse 16:44 11 Jun 2005

Threaten to cancel - usually works wonders.

  geewis357 16:47 11 Jun 2005

As I an typing my wife is geting info on other ISPs

  Kenneth-266656 17:51 11 Jun 2005

Try BT Yahoo - I signed up for the 512Kbps at £17.99 per month. For the same price I've ended up with a 2.2 Mbps - seems this is atandard where possible for BT

  spuds 17:52 11 Jun 2005

For the answer, run this check click here

I would suggest that you go into 'your account' within your Tiscali package, then upgrade to the 1mb service yourself. I transfered from 3x, and within 3 days I was running at about 1mb.

  rawprawn 18:03 11 Jun 2005

I am on tiscali 512 at £15.99 a month, BT say they can supply 2mb but tiscali say that due to technical problems it will be July before I can upgrade.I live only 300 metres from a new exchange. I think BT are making life difficult for tiscali, but tiscali just will not tell the truth there is always an excuse.Go to Tiscali/My account and look at upgrading your BB account, it may say July. If it does complain and threaten to change ISP. They will probably reduce your monthly charge.

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